Review: Pleasure Under The Sun

Harlequin Kimani/Romance
January 2014

Ashley Slater |  RATING: B
SYNOPSIS: They meet at an invitation-only party in Miami. Desire instantly ignites. Financial advisor Bailey Hughes knows better than to get involved with playboy Seven Carmichael. But the gorgeous, world-renowned sculptor refuses to take no for an answer. And soon Bailey finds herself aboard a private yacht-enjoying days and nights of pleasure beyond her hottest fantasies.

REVIEW: Focusing on a partnership at her firm has left Bailey little time for a social life.  Burned by love in the past, she’s focusing all of her energy on reaching her professional goals.  Seven is a renowned new artist who has just made the decision to make Miami home.  Embarking on an island getaway together may be the distraction Bailey needs to break out of her mundane routine and give love a chance.

Strong dialogue and intriguing main characters initially lure you into this story.  Seven is sweet, confident, and relentless in his pursuit of Bailey.  He’s also patient to tolerate her constant diatribes about the unstable childhood she endured due to her parents’ nomadic lifestyle as artists. The intrigue fades to disappointment here as we struggle to understand why she feels her childhood was so traumatic.  Bailey’s desire for stability and refusal to consider dating an artist seem unfounded, since she manages Seven’s finances and knows he’s worth millions. 

The majority of the story is a weeklong whirlwind love affair that takes place on a yacht. Even this seems somewhat implausible due to Bailey’s strict work ethic and late hours as she attempts to make partner at her firm. So it’s a stretch to believe that she’d willingly acquiesce to a week away while her sister covers for her at the office. 
The pacing of this story becomes a bit rushed at this point because Bailey and Seven have had few meaningful interactions prior to this getaway. 

Despite these issues, Lindsey Evans has written an interesting story that flows smoothly.  PLEASURE UNDER THE SUN is a nice debut novel, so I’m looking forward to reading more from this promising new author in the future.

1st June 2014 |