Review: Perfect
PERFECT - Delaney Diamond
Delaney Diamond Publishing
October 2014
Susan Plummer |  RATING: B+ 
SYNOPSIS: Does the end justify the means? Daniella Barrett-Johnson has little bargaining power where Cyrus is concerned, and he’s already used his vast financial resources to prolong their divorce and keep her tied to him. Her only hope is to give him what he wants, but if she does, how will she ever be able to leave him for good?
REVIEW:  Perfect is the second novel in the Johnson Family series by Delaney Diamond and this contemporary romance absolutely lives up to its title.
Cyrus Johnson knew the moment he met Daniella Barrett she would be his wife and he promptly removed the only obstacle in his way. Daniella Barrett-Johnson is hurt when she learns her husband treated their marriage as a business transaction. Tired of living with a man she loves but mistrusts; Daniella demands a divorce. Cyrus has limitless resources to fight a divorce but he refuses to acquiesce until Daniella gives him what he wants. He makes Daniella an offer she should refuse but desperation forces her to accept. A tenuous truce leads to temporary bliss and Cyrus hopes they can salvage their marriage after all. His hopes are dashed when he finds out Daniella has been foiling her end of their agreement. Cyrus resolutely accepts that Daniella doesn’t want a life with him and decides to let her go. However, Daniella has had a change of heart and wants them to reconcile but it seems it’s too late for this perfect couple who once again are driven apart by mistrust. PERFECT ensures a captive audience from the opening paragraph and throughout.
Cyrus is methodical about everything he does and unfortunately he approaches winning Daniella back the same way he does any other business venture. His character takes on a much more approachable side once he and Daniella are in Spain. There he is more open and playful; more human. Daniella is strong-willed and perfect for Cyrus because he clearly needs a woman who can breach his emotional walls and get him to relax and enjoy the life he’s built.  Additional insight into Cyrus’ brothers leads to speculation on what the future holds for them in book three.
Dialogue throughout PERFECT is current and moves the story along. Most noteworthy is Cyrus’ transformation as the story progresses.  Cyrus is less neurotic and more laidback with Daniella back in his life.  Daniella gets him to relax with her words and loving gestures. Cyrus is a completely different man when communicating with Daniella versus anyone else. Daniella is also much happier being with Cyrus despite her misgivings.  Cyrus’ exchanges with Xavier clear up some of the questions remaining from UNFORGETTABLE.
PERFECT is an engaging novel with animated characters, a captivating plot and a climatic ending. UNFORGETABLE opened the door to a wonderful series and PERFECT takes us further into the lives of the fascinating Johnsons’ family. I eagerly await book three, JUST FRIENDS. PERFECT is a great any day or holiday gift for the romantic at heart.
25th December 2014 |