Review: Packed and Ready to Go
Yobachi Publishing
December 2014
Tricia-Ann Blades |  RATING: A
SYNOPSIS: Tracy Baptiste devoted her life to satisfying everyone but herself. Now it’s her turn and nothing is falling into place. Her daughter is marrying and moving away. Her husband is self-absorbed and callous. Her friends are preoccupied with their lives. This is not what she’s bargained for. Can daydreaming about her sexy Italian co-worker help her escape the disappointment?

Tracy and Walter Baptiste have been together for the better part of twenty years.  In those years Tracey has been the one to keep the marriage oiled and running to the best of her ability.  In doing so she has lost herself, watched her husband become cold and callous but saw her daughter bloom into a beautiful woman.  Can she find herself again; bring her marriage back to its original passion? Or should she just give into the dreams of her sexy, Italian co-worker?

PACKED AND READY TO GO by Jacki Kelly is an interesting story based on the themes of deceit, abandonment and friendship.  The story is told from the view point of the two main characters Tracey and Walter.  They are both struggling with the desire to do something about their marriage, Tracey stands on the precipice of wanting to see a difference in her marriage and leaving it altogether while  Walter has a different plan, he wants to enjoy his life to the fullest but not take responsibility in it.
This novel is well paced, dialogue was realistic to the plot and the setting worked well but the reader was left wanting.  More could have been done with the development of the main characters.  This was especially seen in the climax of the novel.  The focus shifted and Walter was literally and figuratively removed from the scene.  It also appears as if Tracy left one crutch and went straight to another without processing her situation or reconnecting with herself.
While I wanted more from this story, PACKED AND READY TO GO is a good read.

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