Review: Midnight Play

MIDNIGHT PLAY - Lisa Marie Perry
July 2014
Janet Caldwell |  RATING: B
SYNOPSIS:  As general manager of the Las Vegas Slayers, Danica Blue goes toe-to-toe with players whose size is matched only by their egos. Quarterback Dex Harper is the biggest and toughest of them all, with a hell-raiser reputation that he insists he doesn't deserve. And Danica, the good daughter who's always played by the rules, is suddenly tempted to break every last one.
REVIEW: General Manager Danica Blue aka “the Ball Buster” is livid upon learning the quarterback she fired went above her head and has a meeting with her parents, owners of the Las Vegas Slayers, to discuss getting his job back. Looking to gain control of the situation, Danica summons Dex Harper aka “the Blue-Eyed Badass” to a late night one-on-one meeting to discuss the situation.  A klutzy move electrifies a tension between them - a sizzling sexual one. Pushing their personal needs aside, each looks to negotiate the best course for their careers. But the attraction to each other just will not go away. Will happily-ever-after promises be able to break through the stranglehold rules their careers demand?

Perry has a knack for writing delightful romances highlighting the inner growth of the heroine and hero and bringing them to the precipice to realize what is important to them. I enjoyed how the relationship blossoms as the couple overcomes their inner turmoil. Danica is the good daughter, plays by the rules and there is nothing more valuable to her than the faith her parents invested in her. Her public façade is often her crutch so she does not know how to handle the heart thudding horniness she feels around Dex. Now she will need the courage to use the same skills that makes her a model daughter and professional to make her heart sing. While this is a good girl/bad boy romance storyline, Dex also had a problem letting his public image define his private self. At times I wanted to hear more from Dex’s point-of-view to fully understand his character growth. The value of this storyline is that you need to understand the heart and soul of a person and not make snap judgments based on a public persona.

The Blue family certainly knows how to keep life interesting, and that means the reader will get a little drama, and craftiness from family members along with a tender romance. The glamorous background of Las Vegas adds to the dazzle and a sports-themed series adds the intrigue.

MIDNIGHT PLAY is the second book in the Blue Dynasty series. Perry does an entertaining job with each set of characters having a storyline which showcases their unique personality keeping the series spicy fresh and captivating. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy an entertaining romance peppered with family dynamics.

12th October 2014 |