Review: Love's Replay
LOVE'S REPLAY - Synithia Williams
Crimson Romance
December 2014
Susan Plummer |  RATING: B+
REVIEW:  David Henderson doesn’t like celebrating his birthdays anymore as each year is a painful reminder of the day he foolishly lost the woman he loved.  With his 30th birthday approaching, his sister Janiyah insists on throwing a party.  David is speechless when the woman who has plagued his mind for years shows up at the party as his brother Kareem’s date.  David wonders whether Sandra still has feelings for him but her chilly reception quickly negates that thought.  Sandra still remembers the day David broke her heart and has no desire to reconcile.  Despite Kareem’s interest and Sandra’s aloofness, David decides to win her back.  This further strains his tenuous relationship with Kareem.  Despite this, David’s persistence finally pays off and then Sandra’s best friend does the unforgiveable; foiling their budding relationship.  Both David and Sandra must decide if what they have is important enough to hold on to this time around.

Love’s Replay by Synithia Williams is the touching tale of a man’s journey to regain the love and trust of the woman he lost to youth’s naivety. It succeeds in being engaging and interesting throughout.

David has a very distinct dress style and mannerism which brings his character to life.  Outwardly, David appears to enjoy his playboy lifestyle but deep down he still carries the remorse of losing the one woman he thought of settling down with.  Sandra feigns indifference towards David but she has never gotten over their breakup and cannot commit to any other relationship.  Taking back a cheating ex is never recommended but David and Sandra have a unique situation.  The continuity of the characters, Janiyah and Fredrick from
JUST MY TYPE is also enjoyable.

It is curious that Sandra takes a job in David’s hometown Columbia; knowing their paths may cross.

The dialogue is engaging and suited to the characters.  At first David tries winning Sandra back with old tactics but fails because she is no longer the naïve college girl.  David finally makes headway when he speaks from his heart.  Sandra’s torment conveys loud and clear in both her verbal and non-verbal communication with David.  Her struggle is very convincing and true to the plot.  Her character is really believable as is her mercurial reactions towards David.

Love’s Replay
puts an innovative spin on second chances and Williams’ ability to express the characters connection to their feelings resonates.  David and Sandra’s emotions were realistic from the beginning to when their story ends.  The story also has titillating revelations, adding spice to an already passionate story.  While WORTH THE WAIT is still my favorite and most memorable novel by Williams; LOVE’S REPLAY maintains her position as a noteworthy author.

4th February 2015 |