Review: Love's Lasso

LOVE'S LASSO - Kianna Alexander
Ellor's Cave/Legend
May 2014
Susan Plummer |  RATING: B 
SYNOPSIS: Cooper Davies doesn't need to look for his ideal mate. He's already found her. Gloria Adams is everything he wants in a woman, except she's taken. But Cooper-adopted brother of Marcus Davies and co-owner of a prestigious New York auction house-knows something truly precious when he sees it. And he's waited long enough to finally win the smart, sexy woman who's been haunting his dreams.

REVIEW: In Kianna Alexander’s new novel Love’s Lasso, love triumphs under the most extraordinary circumstances.

Deidra LaRue runs the only gentlemen’s club in the town of Graham until the town’s council uses an archaic city ordinance to seize her property and end her livelihood.  Deidra is given a week to find a new home and means of supporting herself.  Her luck changes when newcomer to town, Carter Thibedeaux, takes a liking to Deidra and offers her shelter in his home and a chance for a new life.  Deidra doesn’t understand her attraction to Carter and is even more skeptical about his forgiving nature toward her former career.  Carter sees Deidra for who she is, not what she did for a living.  Unfortunately not all the townsfolk are as understanding or happy to see Deidra out of the trade.  One man wants Deidra back in the flesh trade but this time under his terms.  Deidra believes she can take care of this problem on her own until things get horribly out of hand.  When Deidra goes missing Carter stops at nothing to rescue the woman who has lassoed his heart.

Love’s Lasso is a historical romance during a time when travel was most commonly done by train or wagons.  The author does a good job recreating that feel through dialogue and scene descriptions.

The story is interesting enough although the pacing seemed slightly disjointed at times.  The characters are realistic to the time period in which the novel is written as working in the sex trade was common for women with no other options.  Deidra makes no apologies for how she has had to survive and while she pedals flesh, she holds on to an air of respectability Carter recognizes.  Carter is a strong-willed man who makes his own decisions and following his heart leads to finding love on his terms.

The dialogue is realistic for the time period.  Deidra makes her money selling sex but she’s very intelligent and doesn’t allow anyone to look down on her.  Carter is a bit younger than Deidra but having been on his own for some time, he has a level of maturity that belies his true age.  Carter addresses Deidra as any other attractive woman but doesn’t objectify her because of her former profession.  Deidra is not as expressive and holds her emotions in check as she disbelieves Carter would seriously consider making her his wife.  The story is rounded out by the critical town’s people and Carter’s family.
The overall premise of Love’s Lasso is interesting enough and while I wasn’t blown away by this story, I did find it entertaining.

7th July 2014 |