Review: Love Takes All

LOVE TAKES ALL - J. M. Jeffries
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
May 2014
Shirley Fleming |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Architect Hunter Russell's grandmother just won a Reno casino in a high-stakes poker game! And she wants Hunter to help renovate it. It's a crazy idea, and he is just about to tell her so-until he meets the stunning young woman who is his grandmother's new business partner. Suddenly Hunter is tempted to say yes.

Lydia Montgomery has lived a pampered life with her parents and then her now deceased husband.  Bored with her society lifestyle, Lydia longs for a life with meaning and purpose.  In a rare show of independence, she takes her daughter and moves to Reno and becomes a partner in a casino. Lydia has never been in business before.  Therefore, she looks to her partner for advice and guidance.  When she meets her partner’s handsome grandson she is taken aback by her attraction to him and doesn’t understand it.

Lydia has never felt this way for any man; not even her husband.  Architect Hunter Russell thinks his grandmother has lost her mind when she calls to inform him that she has won a casino in the poker game and wants him to renovate it.  Hunter arrives in Reno prepared to talk his grandmother out of the silly notion of her running a casino; however, when Hunter realizes he will be spending time with gorgeous Lydia Montgomery, he quickly changes his mind and agrees to do the renovations.

Lydia’s entire life has been controlled by her parents.  Her mother trained her at an early age on how to be elegant and a proper lady in society.  She was told what to wear and when to wear it.  She attended the right schools and had the right friends; attended the right parties.  She married the right man because that’s what her parents wanted.  Lydia’s life was strategically planned with one goal in mind; to be a rich man’s trophy wife.  Releasing all restraints; Lydia prepares to stand on her own.

Hunter is a former juvenile delinquent who realizes the error of his ways at an early age in the form of his grandmother who reared him with a no-nonsense attitude.  As a result, he grows into a fine upstanding and productive individual; a man confident of his place in the world.  Over the years, Hunter has become a very successful and respected Architect with a thriving business.  But inside his thirty-two year old body is a ten-year little old boy who is still intimidated by his seventy-eight year old grandmother.

LOVE TAKES ALL is set in Reno, Nevada.  This story has a good plot and great pacing.  The main characters are totally opposite.  What could a society lady and a reformed juvenile delinquent possibly have in common?  However, love has no pedigree.  The heart wants what it wants and will always win in the end.  A collection of colorful characters make up the rest of the cast.  There are two siblings whose characters are questionable, a grandmother who is a professional gambler and plays cut-throat poker and a brother with a somewhat dubious occupation which makes this a very fascinating story.

LOVE TAKES ALL was an enjoyable read.  A journey of discovery, strength and first steps towards attaining independence.  And it is always a plus to find love along the way.  Loved it.

20th July 2014 |