Review: Love By Design
LOVE BY DESIGN - Lisa Watson
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
October 2014
REVIEWER:  Misherald Brown |  RATING: B+
REVIEW: Vegas Baby tests the idea of taking a controlled environment, adding a little fun to the situation, and finding out exactly how much control is truly left or if control is really necessary.  The piece is spicy enough and well written, as each character is given time to play their part.  The element of dominate and submissive was light but enough to cause a little flare in the book. not only were the main characters interesting but the sub characters really played their part making the book even more interesting.

Cole Benton had worked hard to earn his rightful place as the CEO of the Benton Group and no one not even his well-meaning grandmother was going to take that away even if she thought he needed to add a little sunshine to his life, by the name of Sunny Johnson.  Cole see’s everything in black and white he has the need to control and know that things are as he wants them and needs them. Unfortunately, when he attempts to save the one thing he can count on in life, he soon realizes that fate has other ideas, and the control he’s so use to is about to be tested.

Sunny Johnson has better plans for her life, and they don’t include being a Benton Girl, on stage 24/7, kicking her legs up for the entertainment of others. So, when she gets the opportunity to head out to get a master’s degree in dance, she never expects that idea to be threatened, when the show gets cut.  Thinking that she can change Cole’s mind, she goes to see him to speak privately, on behalf of the cast, not realizing that she’s played into a plan, she isn’t aware of.  With her mind set on simply doing whatever is necessary to win, she finds herself involved in a plot Cole has sprung on her.

The chemistry between Cole and Sunny is interesting, as well as, comical. Not only does Sunny force Cole to simply open up but, she learns to gauge his moods, allowing herself a window to the man she has fallen in love with.

While VEGAS, BABY seemed a bit rushed at the end, Ms. Theodora Taylor has written a realistic, yet funny novel and I’m interested in checking out more of her work in the Kimani line. The only thing that puzzled me about the book is that it seems a little rushed towards the end

14th February 2015 |