Review: Life After

LIFE AFTER - Keith Thomas Walker
KeithThomasWalker Books
March 2014

Ashley Slater |  RATING: B+ 
SYNOPSIS: Donna’s marriage seems perfect. An unexpected event sends her reeling - even more so when a pregnant mistress steps forward. Marcel survives a divorce, but there’s no solace when he loses his only child. Love has caused Donna and Marcel nothing but pain, but it may be the only thing powerful enough to heal their broken hearts.

REVIEW: Donna’s marriage appears to be picture perfect, but she finds out that what she believed to be real was only an illusion when her husband’s mistress is revealed.  Hesitant to trust again, she unexpectedly meets Marcel, a cop recovering from a tremendous personal loss. Will Donna and Marcel find love after surviving such devastating loss and betrayal?

Teaching and keeping up with a teenage son have Donna feeling like she has enough going on in her life.  So there’s no need to add a new man to the equation.  Marcel is a police officer still grieving from the loss of his only child.  Though dealt some hard blows, he knows a good thing when he sees it. Intent on getting to know Donna better, he’s got to battle some personal demons before he can truly be the man that Donna needs him to be. 

The book starts off slowly, but quickly builds momentum as the story progresses. The dialogue is a little stilted at times between Donna and Marcel, though it effectively conveys each character’s ambivalence as they re-enter the dating scene after marriage.  As their romance unfolds Marcel is forced to address some challenges that have the potential to derail not only his relationship, but his career. As a result, Donna must decide if she can overcome self-doubt and past fears to give love a second chance.

Overall, LIFE AFTER is a quick read with relatable characters that you’ll enjoy getting to know.  Keith Thomas Walker has done a nice job weaving the themes of hope and forgiveness into a gentle love story.

10th June 2014 |