Review: Just A Little Taste

Nicobar Press
January 2014

Janet Caldwell  |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: After a lifetime of depending on others, Kiera Coleman is ready to control her own fate. The small-town caterer has big plans for her new food truck venture, and this time she’ll be the one in the driver’s seat. There’s just one problem…the best food truck renovator in the business is the guy who years ago broke her young heart.

Farrah Rochon returns to fictional Maplesville, Louisiana to deliver the bittersweet story of Kiera Coleman and Trey Watson.  As a young couple they suffered a tragic misunderstanding that led to the abrupt end of their summer romance and ultimately a fourteen year separation.

Previously, Rochon guided readers on a journey to quaint Maplesville to meet friends Callie Webber, Kiera Coleman, and Jada Dangerfield in A Perfect Holiday Fling and A Little Bit Naughty - the first two novellas in the Moments in Maplesville series. The close knit trio has been friends since high school and revel in connecting monthly to commiserate while consuming desserts and wine.

Rochon continues the series, which focuses on strong, stubborn, independent, yet vulnerable young women, with the story of Kiera Coleman.  Kiera is a successful caterer determined to single-handedly expand her business into the fastest-growing segment in the dining industry - food truck vending.  An innocent referral by a friend to meet an expert skilled at transforming trucks into mobile kitchens reunites her with former boyfriend Trey Watson.

Trey is a triple threat bad boy all grown up.  He is ruggedly handsome, sexy and fiercely talented with his hands.  Trey is the boy every girl was warned against.  He is the “boy from the wrong side of the tracks and Kiera is the girl who has everything going for her”.  Trey and Kiera are Maplesville’s most unlikely couple and Kiera’s overprotective brother, Mason, is determined to keep them apart.

JUST A LITTLE TASTE serves up many life lessons.  We learn that maintaining a romantic relationship is not easy especially if you come from vastly different backgrounds and to complicate matters add the innocence of youth and stir in the well-meaning intrusion of family. Sprinkle in a misunderstanding stemming from totally different perceptions and voilà - you have a recipe that can destroy a relationship.

Rochon’s third novella in this series is probably my favorite because of my weakness for reunion stories.  I empathize with the characters and mourn the time and memories lost by years of separation.  Rochon gives no indication of her future plans for the Moments in Maplesville series.  Now that we have sampled Maplesville we are hooked and just a little taste is never enough!

1st January 2014 |