Review:  Indulge Me Tonight

INDULGE ME TONIGHT - AlTonya Washington
Harlequin Kimani Romance
September 2014
Shirley Fleming |  RATING: A
SYNOPSIS: Graedon Clegg has misgivings about a weeklong retreat at a remote country estate organized by his estranged brother. One, his brother can't be trusted. And two, it's hosted by his ex-wife, Tielle. Grae was forced to walk away from Tielle for the sake of the family advertising business. But he still burns for the vibrant woman who could always bring out the very best in him.

Graedon Clegg and Tielle Turner were once married.  Even though they still love each other; family drama, stubbornness and pride tore them apart and their marriage ended in divorce.  A year later, Tielle and Graedon are thrown together at her family’s country estate for a Clegg family retreat. This is also their anniversary date and the place where Tielle and Graedon were married and spent their honeymoon. Graedon sees this as a chance to win back the woman he drove away. He has a week to convince Tielle that they never should have gotten divorced. In the midst of them reconnecting, there is a family secret that if revealed, has the potential to blow the Clegg family apart.

Tielle Turner is a strong, passionate individual with a kind heart.  She is the owner of Turner Estates and Gardens; an exclusive retreat where families, executives and social groups can go to find healing and strengthened relationships.  Tielle strongly believes that anything can be worked out no matter how great the issue; especially if all parties involved are willing.  And her chosen path in life reflects that attitude.

Graedon Clegg is the CEO of Clegg Marketing.  To the dismay of his older brother, the board appointed Graedon to the helm of his family’s company after the death of his father. Of course, being an alpha male, failure is not a part of his vocabulary, therefore the company continues to flourish under his leadership.  A natural born leader who always radiates confidence and has a strong commanding presence that demands respect.

This story is set in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon. The pacing is good and it has a great plot and is well-written. The author does a good job pairing the two main characters; the kind hearted heroine who believes there is some good in everyone and the alpha male who is determined to prove her wrong.  Even though they have been apart for a year; the sexual tension is so strong between Tielle and Graedon you can cut it with a knife.  The dialogue between them is strained at first but their feelings for each other is evident in the way they interact with each other.  Great writing.  The secondary characters are just as relatable and commanding a presence as the main characters. From the beloved Aunt Desiree who tries to keep the peace, to the evil brother who is bent on stirring up trouble to get what he wants.

This was a good story and a very enjoyable read with just the right amount of lust, greed and drama.  If you are a fan of Ms. Washington; you will love
INDULGE ME TONIGHT.  I certainly did.

27th October 2014 |