Review: In His Arms

IN HIS ARMS - Yasmin Sullivan
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
January 2014

Shirley Fleming |  RATING: B 
SYNOPSIS: Suave graphic designer Rashad Brown has always held out for what he wants. He likes his women polished and accommodating because he values his freedom above all else. Then he meets a woman far from his idea of perfect-she has an ex, she has a kid, she defies his expectations. And he can't get enough of her.

REVIEW: IN HIS ARMS is a familiar but spirited story involving a young divorced mother who decides to take control of her life.  Michelle Johns leaves her home and struggles to make a better life for herself and her young son following the end of her abusive marriage.  More than anything she wants peace and contentment after the ordeal she endured the last several years.  When Michelle meets Rashad Brown she reaches for the happiness that was missing from her marriage but fears she will never be free of the past.

Michelle Johns is a young mother who makes the difficult decision to end a marital relationship that is neither healthy nor conducive to raising a child.  She moves to an unfamiliar city hoping to provide a stable, safe environment for her son, Andre.  Michelle’s goal is to finish her college education which will allow her to be financially independent.  When she meets Rashad Brown he upsets all of her well-laid plans.  Graphic Designer Rashad Brown prefers a certain type of woman.  Sophisticated, career oriented women are considered to be perfect for him because he has no plans to settle down anytime soon.  His attraction to Michelle Johns totally throws him off his game.  Not only is she not his type but she also has a child.  Yet he continues to pursue a relationship with her.  And when the past rears its early head, Rashad vows to protect Michelle and Andre in spite of Michelle’s best efforts to keep him from getting involved.

IN HIS ARMS is set in the great state of Washington.  Several references to various landmarks in the story lend credence to the location.  A collective group of characters include Regina and Michelle’s cousin Nigel from Ms. Sullivan’s previous book “Return to Love”, who prove to be invaluable to Michelle and Andre.  Some of the scenes in this novel are a little too rushed for me but despite that it’s still a good storyline with good characters.   

Overall, this was a good read and sure to keep you interested.  I love a story when the hero or heroine face adversity but triumph in the end.

1st January 2014  |