Review: If Only In My Dreams
IF ONLY IN MY DREAMS - Belle Calhourne
Belle Calhourne Books
December 2014
Ashley Slater |  RATING: B
REVIEW: Rose Maddock has always done things by the book.  As a single mother, her main priority is providing a good life for her six-year-old son. Working as the secretary of BD Holdings, she’s been able to give A.J. the childhood she never had growing up in the foster care system.  As CEO of BD Holdings, Brandon Donahue has always prided himself on remaining professional.   At least until he kisses Rose while working late one night…

Ambivalent about the professional boundaries that Brandon has crossed, Rose feels she has no choice but to resign.  Since Brandon doesn’t want to lose an invaluable employee, he makes her a deal. He’ll help Rose make A.J.’s Christmas wishes come true if she agrees to stay on with the company.  As they spend time together away from work, a newfound awareness occurs as their attraction deepens and a friendship develops.  He just has to convince Rose that his intentions are sincere.  As the Donahue family comes together for the holiday season, Brandon finds himself desiring a family of his own with Rose and A.J.

One of the recurring issues in the series is that the author has the tendency to stifle the characters' emotions at times. This gives the story a bit of a surreal quality because the wide range of emotions that result from conflict, such as anger, desire, and hurt are never fully expressed with any real intensity.  Unfortunately, this makes the characters seem a little too self controlled and perfect at times. In spite of this, it’s a pleasure to get to know the Donahue family as each brother’s love story sheds more insight into their family bond and the struggles that they’ve individually had to overcome before being adopted.

IF ONLY IN MY DREAMS is a sweet inspirational romance about finding love unexpectedly. One little boy’s Christmas wish serves as the catalyst for making everyone’s dreams come true. I look forward to reading the other brother’s stories in the series.

12th February 2015 |