Review: His Love Match

HIS LOVE MATCH - Shirley Hailstock
February 2014
Ashley Slater |  RATING: C
SYNOPSIS: Wedding planner Diana Greer still believes in happily-ever-after. She's just given up finding her own dream man. Until an internet dating site matches her up with her ideal mate. Too bad he's someone she already knows…. In college, Scott Thomas was the big man on campus-arrogant and full of himself. So why is one kiss from the high-flying bachelor making Diana's toes curl?

REVIEW: It had to be a computer glitch!  That was the only way the online dating site would have matched Diana and Scott together.  In spite of the fact that they never got along in college, Scott is intrigued that they are matched anyway.  Diana is also dismayed to find out that the computer matched her with her college nemesis.  In spite of their past, they will soon see that they have far more in common than they ever imagined.

Since graduating from Princeton, Diana owns a successful wedding consulting firm. Though she loves working with clients to ensure they have the wedding of their dreams, she has given up hope in her own love life.  Scott enjoys his bachelor status, as well as his career as a private pilot.  Though he and Diana both joined the Match for Love dating site, they’re both reluctant to get into a serious relationship.  Can they leave the past behind in order to see what the future has in store for them?

A major issue in the story is that the history Scott and Diana have seems more appropriate for middle/high school students, instead of college. As they reminisce periodically in the story, the teasing and bickering just seems out of place for young adults.  The other issue is that both characters are painted to be a little too perfect.  This just makes it a little harder to relate to them while reading.

Overall, the story flows smoothly and the pacing works well.
HIS LOVE MATCH is another nice romance by Shirley Hailstock.

29th September 2014 |