Review: Her Perfect Candidate

Harlequin Kimani/Romance
June 2014
Shirley Fleming |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Co-owner of an up-and-coming interior-decorating firm, Megan Chase loves being a single woman on the fast track to success. But everything changes when a flat tire brings Georgia senator Steven Monroe into her life. The sinfully sexy politician needs the right woman to clean up his image. And with Megan's fine eye for detail, she just may be the woman for the job.

Megan Chase is single and carefree.  She is content with her single status and her business is also on the fast-track.  On her way to a charity benefit she gets a flat tire.  When a handsome stranger stops to help her change the flat tire, he looks familiar, but Megan has no idea who he is.  Steven Monroe is a state senator whose reputation as a player could cost him a bid for the United States senate.  Megan and Steven run into each other at the same charity benefit and continue their acquaintance to the dismay of his campaign manager.  The two of them agree to have lunch for business purposes and end up forming a pact.  Megan will pretend to be his girlfriend and help him win the primary for the United States senate.  And in the same vein, Steven will be her pretend boyfriend to stop loved ones from trying to find her a man.  But something life-changing happens along the way.  Steven’s bid for the United States senate also becomes a campaign for love to win Megan’s heart.

Steven is a self-proclaimed bachelor and playboy and has no plans to change.  He comes from three generations of politicians and is expected to follow in his ancestors footsteps.  His family is considered to be the black Kennedys because of their millions, power and influence in the political world.  Steven loves being a state senator and he takes pride in serving his constituents; but he also loves the ladies.  Politics and being a playboy does not mix...and Steven Monroe is a playboy in every sense of the word.

Megan is a talented interior decorator and co-owner of a decorating firm.  She loves being single because it affords her all the time needed to devote towards growing her business.  Besides, she has decided to take a break from dating after she found her boyfriend cheating.  Megan feels her time is better served bringing in new clients than investing her emotions in a selfish man who doesn’t deserve her.  She doesn’t need a man to make her happy.  Her happiness come from working and being with her family and friends.

This romantic story is set in Atlanta, Georgia.  The plot and pacing is good.  There is a cast of well-developed and descriptive characters.  The two main characters have great chemistry which is obvious from their first meeting.  Megan and Steven travel a rocky road to true love since Steven’s life is always under public scrutiny and Megan doesn’t like the attention which presents a challenge.  But somehow they work it out.  The secondary characters provide a little bit of drama but it just keeps the story interesting and on point.

HER PERFECT CANDIDATE is an excellent read.  It is one of those books you can’t put down once you start reading.  You’ll just settle down in your favorite chair and lose yourself in the story. Ms. Shaw gives us a brief glimpse into the world of politics and how personal relationships can be adversely affected.  I have to say nicely done.

20th July 2014 |