Review: Hearts Afire

HEARTS AFIRE - Deborah Fletcher Mello
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
February 2014

Shirley Fleming |  RATING:
SYNOPSIS: After a nasty divorce, Maitlyn Boudreaux is ready to reclaim her sensuality and rediscover her inner wild child. A luxury cruise to exotic ports of call is just what the New Orleans negotiator needs…and meeting Zak Sayed on board could be an added bonus. The high-stakes poker player wants the same thing she does: a sizzling hot fling with no strings attached.

REVIEW: In HEARTS AFIRE the eldest daughter of the Boudreaux clan has just ended her marriage of twelve years. To help Maitlyn get over her feelings of failure and get some much needed rest, her parents surprise her with a thirty-four day luxury cruise. She reluctantly agrees to go on the cruise but has no idea about what to do with herself once the ship set sail. Before the ship leaves port Maitlyn meets tall, dark, handsome Zakaris Sayed and soon has some very definite ideas on how to pass the time on the high seas. The two of them agree to have a no strings affair for the duration of the cruise. As the end of the cruise draws near, Maitlyn and Zakaris realize their feelings for each other are much deeper than just the average ship-board romance.

Maitlyn Boudreaux has always taken care of her siblings, but now she is the one who needs to be taken care of. Even though her twelve-year marriage has been over for a long time, Maitlyn is saddened to find herself alone and single again. She believes that her dream of having a happy marriage and children are no longer a possibility. At the insistence of family members she decides to go on a luxury cruise and sheds her reserved image to have some fun for a change.  Entrepreneur and professional gambler Zakaris Sayed is sailing on “The Coastal Galaxy” to participate in The World Series of Poker tour. Although he promised Maitlyn’s brother he would keep an eye on her during the cruise, the sexy, charismatic playboy has no intention of babysitting anyone. If he wants female companionship he can have any woman he wants.  But when he rescues Maitlyn from a dangerous situation, he decides to keep her close.  With the two of them spending so much time together, the jet-setting playboy finds himself falling for the beautiful divorcee and having thoughts of finally settling down.

HEARTS AFIRE is set aboard a luxury cruise liner sailing the Atlantic Ocean against the backdrop of several exotic ports. The romantic setting and variety characters from different parts of the world make for some very interesting reading.  And what is a romantic cruise without a little intrigue to keep you fascinated to the end.

I always enjoy reading about the Boudreaux family. Their stories are always so romantic and exciting. Ms. Fletcher continues to exhibit her craft as a writer with the latest entry into this series.  I can’t wait to read the next one.

1st February 2014 |