Review: Harmony Cabins

Kensington Dafina/Romance
February 2014

Ashley Slater |  RATING: B+ 
SYNOPSIS: After a series of shattering losses, all Jackson Sansbury wants is solitude. Hoping to escape his tiny hometown of Trinity Falls, Ohio, with its concerned neighbors and painful memories, he's purchased a secluded cabin resort and thrown himself into renovating the property. He doesn't expect any distractions--until an unlikely guest arrives--a woman who hasn't roughed it a day in her life, yet whose fearlessness just might be contagious...

REVIEW: Suffering from an unexpected case of writer’s block, Audra Lane tries to get her creative energy back by taking a month long vacation in Trinity Falls.  To escape the painful memories from his past, Jackson Sansbury finds the solitude he craves while renovating the cabin resort Audra has chosen to visit.  When feelings emerge they will both have to reconcile their past in order to make way for a new future...together.

The love story between Audra and Jackson unfolds in a funny and heartwarming way. Jackson is reluctant to explore the attraction due to trust issues and an inability to let go of the past. While Audra’s curiosity about Jackson and her surroundings forces her outside of her comfort zone and opens her to new experiences. When they finally give in to their desires the chemistry is undeniable and strength and healing is found.

A nice element of this story is the continuing storyline from the first book, TRINITY FALLS. Catching up with the townspeople and all of the previous characters enables us to see that the same secondary love stories are still in progress.  I enjoyed seeing how the relationships of Ean and Megan, Quincy and Ramona, as well as Ean’s mother and the coach have progressed since we last visited them.

One frustration with the previous novel is that I felt loose ends had not been tied up, but HARMONY CABINS offers closure and still leaves room for the possibility of a third book. The character development is much stronger, so I have a greater sense of who the main characters are and what drives their choices. I genuinely enjoyed this sequel and would like to see if Peyton and Darius get their own follow up.

1st February 2014 |