Review: Forever An Ex

FOREVER AN EX - Victoria Christopher Murray
Simon & Schuster/Touchstone
June 2014
Marguerite Lemons |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Sheridan, Kendall, and Asia first bonded when they met seven years ago at a church prayer support group and now, their friendship has blossomed into a strong sisterhood. They've helped each other through the tragedies of their breakups and together, they've celebrated their triumphs. But now, their exes are back, wreaking havoc on lives they've work so hard to rebuild.

FOREVER AN EX brings the characters from THE EX FILES back together, and gives us an update on their lives, as well as, closure to some of their stories.  Asia is still convinced that her ex, Bobby Johnson, is in love with her and wants to be with her. She just has to make his current wife divorce him. Sheridan has remarried and seems to be happy, but will she risk her marriage trying to prove a point, after discovering her ex is planning to remarry. Kendall is still nursing the wounds she received at the hands of her ex-husband and her sister, so she’s thrown all her efforts into developing and expanding her business and caring for her father, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The women of FOREVER AN EX, were brought together as a support group, at an extremely difficult time in their lives. They have remained close friends, who are there to support each other at all times. They give advice when necessary, and quiet support, when there is nothing left to be said.

FOREVER AN EX is set in and around the California Pacific Coast, with an engaging plot that takes you through the full range of emotions, with characters who will make you laugh, cry, shake your head, and most of all, think. The cast of characters in this book could be friends or members of anyone’s family, and their stories are extremely relatable.

Ms. Murray has written a story that will make you take a look at your past and present relationships, and how you’ve handle yourself in each situation. It will make you question your walk of faith. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

4th August 2014 |