Review - For Keeps
FOR KEEPS - Deatri King-Bey
King-Bey Productions
September 2014
Susan Plummer |  RATING: B+ 
SYNOPSIS: Gina Guy’s daughter witnessed a murder. Now the murderer is after the little girl. Child Protective Services is manipulated into the picture, and Jarvis Martin, a manager within the agency, steps in to protect the Guys’ rights. From the moment Gina meets Jarvis, she feels she can depend on him, but life has proven to her that the only person she can count on is Gina. Will they be able to stop the murderer? Can Jarvis earn her trust and love?

The romantic suspense, For Keeps, by Deatri King-Bey entertains while keeping the guessing game going to the very end.

Restaurant Manager, Gina Guy finds her life turned upside down when an unknown enemy tries to have her daughter, Tiara taken away by Social Services. Social Services Manager, Jarvis Martin recognizes poor parenting and nothing about Gina screams bad parent but he has a duty to investigate reported incidents. Initially Gina is affronted by Jarvis’ interjection into her life, however, she quickly realizes she cannot handle this attacker on her own, as he continues his attempts to harm her and Tiara. While spending time with Gina, Jarvis grows to care about this protective single mother and fierce friend. As Gina’s attacker becomes more desperate and daring, Jarvis is determined to keep Gina and her daughter safe even at the risk to his own life. Jarvis soon becomes the only thing standing between Gina and a madman. Losing her is not an option because somewhere along the way Jarvis realizes he wants Gina and Tiara in his life “For Keeps.”

The story moves along well; except for a few instances, where the transition between the multiple points of view seems fragmented.

Jarvis is the epitome of the perfect guy; he’s gorgeous, intelligent, and affectionate. Jarvis realizes Gina’s importance the moment they meet, and immediately declares his interest. Gina is a perfect mix of diplomacy and assertiveness. She knows she needs Jarvis’ help but does not completely surrender her wellbeing to him.

Gina does not trust easily and at first Jarvis is a necessary intrusion. As they communicate more and their relationship blossoms; he eventually becomes a welcome one. Jarvis has an innate need to protect and while Gina doesn’t require it, she responds with affection to this protectiveness. Their bond is strengthened by their attraction to each other and the grave situation propelling them together. Glimpses into the mind of Gina’s attacker fuels the tension and keeps the story engaging. Several seedy characters add to the overall intrigue of attempting to decipher the identity of the real attacker.

FOR KEEPS has an intricate plot and appealing characters. While the romance between Gina and Jarvis seems rushed and fraught with more danger than passion, the constant theme of suspense does maintain one’s interest and readers who love a good suspense romance will love FOR KEEPS.

17th December 2014 |