Review:  Five Star Desire

FIVE STAR DESIRE - Jacquelin Thomas
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
July 2014
Janet Caldwell |  RATING: C
SYNOPSIS: Kellen Alexander is all set to take his rightful place in his family's dazzling Beverly Hills hotel empire. But the aspiring architect finds himself up against a major obstacle…. Her name is Addison Evans, and she has the position Kellen wants! Worse, the petite beauty is arousing a scorching passion that could cost him his entire career.

Jacquelin Thomas’ FIVE STAR DESIRE shatters the office code of conduct and all the rules or policies for the model employer-employee relationship.

Career woman extraordinaire, Addison Evans, is the new Special Projects Director for Alexander-DePaul Design Group (ADDG).  She is strong, independent, hardworking, intelligent and determined to prove she can be successful in the male-dominated corporate world.  At thirty-one years of age, she has worked her way up the corporate ladder to her dream job.

Devastatingly handsome twenty-six year old, Kellen Alexander, is the youngest in his family and is considered a spoiled playboy.  He is fresh out of grad school and home to assume a position in ADDG, the family company.  As a recent grad, his career aspirations may be set a little higher than his qualifications, but it’s all good because Daddy CEO will take care of him.  Reality sets in when Kellen learns the position he is vying for has been given to Addison Evans by none other than his father and he is placed in an entry-level position of architectural engineer.  Kellen reacts to the news in a most immature and unprofessional manner.

To add insult to injury, not only did Addison get the job that Kellen wanted, but she is his boss.  When they meet on that first day at work, there is an intense awareness between them.  Unfortunately, both are admittedly focused on career advancement so a relationship is out of the question.

In addition to our main characters, Kellen’s family - his parents and siblings - heavily impact the storyline.  The unexpected death of a close family member adds an unpredictable twist. The primary setting is Beverly Hills, but the main characters move through several wealthy California suburbs as they are multimillionaires.

FIVE STAR DESIRE has two strong characters and a promising storyline; however, it is sabotaged by poor execution.  The writing style is so inconsistent that I felt it was written by two different people.  Story actions and ideas frequently do not connect smoothly. This irritating pattern affected my eagerness to continue reading to the end. Too much time was devoted to Kellen’s arrogant pouting about his missed job opportunity.  He didn’t stop his whining until several chapter into the book.

The progression of Kellen and Addison’s relationship was troubling on so many levels.  It is not unusual for a romance novel relationship to go from “0 to 60”, but the constant vacillating over whether or not to be a couple was annoying.  I saw improvement in the storyline at Chapter Seventeen when it took yet another unexpected turn, this time for the better, but it was too late to salvage this novel.

If you are a fan of the Alexanders of Beverly Hills series you might feel compelled to read this novel to catch up on the characters.  If you aren’t a fan of the series, it might be better to wait for the next installment.

5th September 2014 |