Review: Falling Into Forever
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
November 2014
Shirley Fleming |  RATING: A
SYNOPSIS: Growing up among the powerful and privileged, formal-wear designer Sandra Woolcott learned early on to never show weakness-just smile and hold your head high. And ten years ago, when her young heart was broken, she learned just how strong she really was….

Sandra and Isaiah haven’t seen each other in ten years - not since he left for the Naval Academy and broke Sandra’s young heart in the process. Now Isaiah is back in Wintersage after completing his tour of duty in the navy.  His plan is to only be in town for a few weeks and then off to London to a very prestigious art school. But when he sees Sandra again, old feelings resurface causing him to doubt his previous choices. Even though their lives are headed in different directions, it doesn’t stop them from falling into each other’s arms. They spend one spectacular night together and realize they’ve missed each other and decide to get to know one another all over again; thus taking their relationship to new heights. Sandra and Isaiah delude themselves into believing that they are only ‘good friends’. The only problem is the more time they spend together, the more they come to realize they’re a lot more than friends; they just haven’t admitted it to each other.

Sandra Woolcott grew up in a privileged household with everything that entails.  She has spent her entire life trying to please her father and failed. Being true to herself, she decides to pursue her own dream of becoming a famous clothing designer instead of going into the family business; which further inflames her father’s ire. Inspite of his disapproval, she has become rather successful and has plans for her designs to become known worldwide.

Isaiah Jacobs is a fine upstanding young man with a strong sense of duty and honor. He always does what is expected of him. Isaiah entered the Naval Academy because of a family tradition to the detriment of his own personal plans and aspirations. After fulfilling that obligation he is now free to follow his own life plan and his long-held dream to study at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Phyllis Bourne does a great job with the second entry in the Wintersage Wedding series. Sandra and Isaiah are so loveable and caring it is easy to fall in love with their characters. The fact that they have been apart so long and are able to find each other again and rekindle their love makes them that more endearing. I love the selflessness of their characters in that they are willing to sacrifice a future together and not hold each other back from their separate goals. This story is written with characters whose personalities easily fit into the story surrounding Sandra and Isaiah; especially the fathers on both sides. Little Mason was a nice touch. You can always count on children to bring laughter to a story.

FALLING INTO FOREVER is another winning story involving the Silk Sisters Event Agency. I could easily read it again. Each one gets better and better. I hope Vicki’s story is coming soon. I can’t wait to read it.

8th December 2014 |