Review: Every Road To You

EVERY ROAD TO YOU - Phyllis Bourne
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
March 2014

Shirley Fleming  |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Beauty's about more than just appearance-it's a state of mind. And at the helm of Espresso Cosmetics' spa division, Tia Gray gives clients makeovers of a lifetime. After an inspiring transformation, a runaway grandmother takes off for Vegas on the back of a motorcycle. But persuading the woman's powerful, sexy grandson that this trip is a rite of passage isn't going to be easy….

REVIEW: Espresso Cosmetics is on shaky financial legs these days.  The success of the spa division is the only thing keeping it from going bankrupt, due to the business savvy of Tia Gray.  Even though Tia is head of the spa division, on occasion, she still performs makeovers on some of the company’s clients.  After one such makeover, a grandmother has a new lease on life and changes her behavior in a way her grandson feels is inappropriate for a woman of her advanced age.  When he can’t persuade her to change back into his sweet level-headed grandmother, attorney Ethan Wright appears at Tia’s office and demand that she talk some sense into her.  When his grandmother takes off for Vegas with an old flame, Ethan decides to go after her and blackmails Tia into coming with him.  Ethan is attracted to Tia at first glance, and their road trip together brings that attraction to the forefront.  While they search for his grandmother, they also find themselves falling in love.

Tia Gray is a strong woman but deals with stress on a daily basis, as it relates to keeping her family’s cosmetic company afloat.  Tia wants to make much needed changes to the company, in order to make Espresso Cosmetics competitive in the current industry climate.  She encounters strong resistance from the other major stock holder, her father.  With her father still grieving for her mother and her brother, and off living his own life, the responsibility of keeping everything together falls on her shoulders.

Ethan Wright is an uptight attorney with a very successful business.  Ethan is used to things being a certain way, including his sweet little grandmother, whom he loves dearly.  But when his grandmother steps out of what he perceives to be the “grandmother mode,” it sends him into a tailspin.  He feels her recent makeover by Tia Gray is the culprit and storms into Tia’s office demanding that she fix the problem she created.    

EVERY ROAD TO YOU is a hilarious, entertaining, love story set in Nashville, with a road trip to Vegas.  This story is full of funny moments, and enough heat generated between Tia and Ethan that will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next.  These two are total opposites but somehow they work.  Other characters include a feisty grandmother determined to live her life her way no matter what anyone says, especially her grandson who wants to keep her safe in a box.

This is a good book.  For your reading pleasure EVERY ROAD TO YOU has a little bit of everything to keep you interested for hours.  There is a lot of laughter to tickle your funny bone, subterfuge, and most assuredly love and romance.  I think the runaway grandmother gives it an extra zing.

1st June 2014 |