Review: Endless Summer Nights

ENDLESS SUMMER NIGHTS - D. Hill/G. Octavia/D. Diamond
June 2014
Beverly Jackson |  RATING: B
SYNOPSIS:  Take a trip into the heart of passion as seductive samba rhythms pulse in the warm evening breezes. Escape and savor these three scintillating stories set against the beautiful backdrop of Brazil….

REVIEW: ENDLESS SUMMER NIGHTS is a trio of summer stories by authors Donna Hill, Grace Octavia, and Delaney Diamond.

“Risky Business” (B) by Donna Hill, Sydni Lawson, brand marketer extraordinaire, is looking forward to wrapping up her new assignment quickly so she will have playtime in Brazil. Ruggedly handsome Gabriel St. James is looking to recast his playboy image before launching his first public project. An instantaneous attraction as tantalizing as the Brazilian sights pushes business objectives aside until Sydni overhears a conversation that betrays her trust, turning her all-business and no play. Gabriel is bewildered by Sydni shunning him without an explanation. Will Gabriel and Sydni be as successful in negotiating their hearts as they are in business?

Ms. Hill showcases what her fans love about her stories, a sassy heroine, an amorous hero, and a polished writing. Gabriel and Sydni will heat up the sheets as others questions their motives. Sydni was quick to leave Gabriel despite her inner sense not believing his media personality. Women have always been for Gabriel. So when one grabs his heart this is an unknown situation. Fans of the Lawson series will enjoy meeting Sydni but some may be put off by the pleasurable but humdrum storyline.

Beats of My Heart” (C) by Grace Octavia, budding song writer Sunshine Embry is excited one of her songs will be showcased at upcoming Brazilian concert. Sunshine has worked hard to bolster her self-esteem putting her past behind her including the very fine sexy Marlo Simmons who broke her heart. Marlo felt the connection with Sunshine but was unknowingly a pawn in an uncomfortable situation.  Will the romantic aura of Brazil provide a second chance for the unlucky couple?

Ms. Octavia knows how to bring the drama and heartbreak and this story is no exception. Sunshine’s growth is slow and I just wanted to shake her and tell her to get a backbone. There was a little too much “woe is me” attitude for my taste, but the author did a good job maintaining the tension as it was touch and go with Sunshine and Marlo until the last page. While the couple connected intimately I did not feel the sexual connection between them. Fans of star-crossed lovers will enjoy this story.

“Heartbreak in Rio” (B+) by Delaney Diamond, Sidney Altman has never forgotten the scorching loving affair she had with Rodrigo Serrano several years ago. Now Sidney is in his home country, Brazil, to close a business deal. Shocked to find out she needs to convince Rodrigo to sign-off on the business contract, Sidney vows not to fall prey to his charms. Rodrigo feels Sidney still cares for him, so why is she still saying no to a future with him?

Ms. Diamond has penned a sizzling second chance love story that takes your breath away. Readers will take notice of the wonderful soul-mates connection between the couple. I enjoyed how Diamond shared the heroine’s secret with the reader without Rodrigo having a clue and keep a tissue handy for his endearing reaction once he finds out. Fans of second-chance romance will enjoy this story.

All of the stories in
ENDLESS SUMMER NIGHTS take place in Brazil and all of the heroines names begin with the letter ‘S’. But each story has their own flair and the authors have showcased their writing style. This collection highlights three different types of second chance romances. A good read for when romance is on your mind and an exotic location appeals to your wanderlust.

12th October 2014 |