Review: Curious
CURIOUS - Angie Daniels
Carmel Kisses Publishing
June 2014
Janet Caldwell |  RATING: B+
SYNOPSIS: When Peyton Powell, a lonely housewife, lands a job at Independent Woman magazine, an erotic door opens that begins with curiosity and ends with a sexy, dominant stranger who has every intention of showing her the meaning of service before self. Sir ignites a fire that's nearly too hot and painful to handle yet pleasure has never felt so good.

Is a cheating spouse justification to be unfaithful? Angie Daniels grapples with this emotionally-laden issue and other moral dilemmas in CURIOUS; Book one of her new, Seduced Into Submission, series.

Peyton Powell was a dutiful stay-at-home mom for five years. Her husband is displaying the classic signs of cheating spouse syndrome - working late, coming home smelling like perfume and frequent business trips.  In a bold move to establish her independence and use her journalism degree, she accepts a position as a columnist for a thriving magazine suitably titled Independent Woman. Peyton is assigned to write about relationships, but she daringly decides to use a fresh new approach…to write about things women are curious about exploring. As a result, her column meets rave reviews and is renamed Curious. Peyton’s journalistic skills garner the attention of the magazine’s upper management - the mysterious millionaire owner, Creed Kirkland.

An invitation from coworkers leads to membership in the Horny Housewives Club (HHC), a private club of married women with neglectful husbands.  Peyton’s initiation is her opportunity to pacify her curiosity of a real-life erotic fantasy with a dominate stranger. Daniels takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as she masterfully submerges the reader in the depths of guilt our heroine suffers as a result of her illicit adventure.

In CURIOUS, Daniels navigates the emotional and physical boundaries of a dominant/submissive relationship.  Peyton’s newly acquired liberation has her questioning, not only the morality of her actions, but the rationality of her role in this passive relationship. Whether she admits it or not, her marriage is a submissive relationship too, the only difference is the sex is mediocre.

Peyton and her dominant lover assume relationship roles befitting their personalities. Mild-mannered Peyton, although initially resistant, becomes a willing partner after her dominant lover uses his charm, good looks, sexual prowess and some coercion to lure her into this relationship. Characters impacting this story include Peyton’s philandering husband, Raymond; his Aunt Ruth, the perpetual babysitter; and Peyton’s twin daughters, Morgan and Michelle.  CURIOUS characters visit various locations in Virginia, but it isn’t clear which city is the setting for this story, which was baffling.

CURIOUS is the story of a woman shedding her inhibitions to pursue a taboo relationship. Peyton’s membership in HHC affords erotic adventures she never dreamed possible and with someone she doesn’t expect. HHC exploits provide Peyton inspiration for her popular magazine column, a newfound confidence and more guilt than she can bear.

CURIOUS is an erotic novella with a complicated plot and lots of surprises. Angie Daniels takes the reader out of their comfort zone and on an erotic adventure that only she can expertly maneuver. If you enjoy the erotic side of the romance genre, I recommend this quick, but steamy saga.

25th December 2014 |