Review: Craving Temptation

CRAVING TEMPTATION - Deborah Fletcher Mello
Kensington Dafina/Romance
August 2014
Brenda Maxwell |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: After a rocky year, life is once again sweet for brothers Troy and Quentin Elliot, and Quentin's new wife, Harper. Their bakery, Just Desserts, is thriving, with Quentin as pastry chef, and attorney Troy handling the books. In fact, Troy is ready to pursue his next big goal: to run for Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee. The competition is tough, but there's one challenge Troy doesn't anticipate--his opponent's distractingly beautiful campaign manager and daughter, Amina Salman.

I love character continuation stories, where we are introduced to characters in one book and catch-up with them in the next. CRAVING TEMPTATION does just that. In book one, THE SWEETEST THING (Just Desserts), we are introduced to brothers, Quentin and Troy Elliott and their sister Harper Donovan. In CRAVING TEMPATION we catch-up with newlyweds Quentin and Harper, but oldest brother, Troy takes center stage. Troy is running for mayor of Memphis, Tennessee and he still has to keep up with his accounting and legal duties at Just Desserts, the family bakery and cafe. Enter campaign manager, Amina Salman and the tension begins. Did I mention she is the campaign manager for Troy’s mayoral opponent, Nasser Salman? Amina and her sister Rasheeda had a cameo appearance in THE SWEETEST THING.

Amina is a cracker-jack mover and shaker who always gets results. The problem is trying to shoehorn her sure-fire methods and somewhat differing beliefs into her father’s very strict Muslim faith and win the election. The last thing she needs is a complicated hidden relationship with Troy. How does she hide the growing fire between Troy and herself not only from her father, but from her cunning dastardly brother, Basil, and easily lead sister, Rasheeda?

CRAVING TEMPTATION takes place in politically conservative Memphis, Tennessee where Troy’s mayoral run is not received well in all quarters. There are forces at work trying to not only derail his campaign but plotting to steal his family’s livelihood. These forces bode nothing but trouble.

Ms. Fletcher Mello’s books never fail to intrigue and surprise. They start off with an innocuous approach and then bam, chaos and mayhem! The players and issues in CRAVING TEMPTATION are as complex as complex can be. Cultural mores and religious fundamentalism collide with today’s popular culture. Religious hypocrisy plus greed also get a hearing. On the other side how does one balance conflicting beliefs and emotions with true love for not only their significant other, but also their family?

CRAVING TEMPTATION satisfies every craving a romance lover can have. Ms Deborah Fletcher Mello does a wonderful job developing the characters in the story and she throws in a few surprises. Loyalty, temptation, greed, cultural traditions, and love make strong and interesting bed-fellows.

5th September 2014 |