Review: Chasing Commitment

August 2014
Susan Plummer |  RATING: A
SYNOPSIS: After a rejection from a long-time crush throws him off his game, Brandon Jensen decides that maybe it's time to start a new one, with the beautiful Nadia Clark on his team. She's just right for what he has in mind. Quiet and laid back, while still being undeniably energetic and appealing. But there's a reason behind Nadia's reserved nature. She's starting over, and while something casual with Brandon seems like a nice distraction... it's just that. A distraction.

REVIEW: CHASING COMMITMENT by Christina C. Jones portrays a young couple who learn that love cannot develop when shrouded by secrets.

Mediation expert, Brandon Jensen, is happy overall with his life but watching his friends settling down into committed relationships makes him yearn for a more substantive relationship of his own. Demure waitress and architect, Nadia Clarke, is someone Brandon wouldn’t mind spending quality time with but he’s concerned by her sometimes secretive and reserved manner. Nadia likes Brandon but is not ready to share painful experiences from her past. As the relationship progresses faster than either of them imagined, Nadia knows it is no longer fair to keep her secrets from Brandon; secrets so devastating they could end her second chance at love.

CHASING COMMITMENT immediately grabs the attention and the pace continues throughout the novel. Initially, it is difficult understanding Nadia’s odd behavior towards Brandon. As the story progresses, the secrets are revealed and suddenly her reticence makes more sense and her flaws more understandable. Brandon is first introduced in FINDING FOREVER and even then there was a sense he was looking for more in a relationship. Now he’s met Nadia and she could be the One. Brandon, however, has a hard time moving towards permanency with Nadia because, while she demands more from him, she refuses to give him the truth. There are returning characters from FINDING FOREVER and this gives great continuity to their story and fuels the impression that these characters live on long after the last page is read.

Jones truly brings the character to life by highlighting personality nuances through dialogue. The contemporary style of the dialogue also makes it very entertaining. Brandon is a no nonsense business man but he can be playful when appropriate. Probably most astounding is Brandon’s ability to remain unaffected by his sister’s constant disparagement. Nadia is more complex and harder to comprehend until conversations with Brandon and her ex-boyfriend, reveal the reason for her actions. At this point Nadia’s character becomes more open and her communications with Brandon more emotionally charged.  Dialogue throughout the novel is humorous and lively.

The title
CHASING COMMITMENT reflects Brandon’s change of heart because he does not realize he wants a commitment until he faces losing Nadia. The novel touches on many emotions from humorous, to touching, and unbelievably heartrending. Evoking all these feelings is part of what makes this an unforgettable read. It is also great to note that, the author thoughtfully provides a glimpse into Brandon and Nadia’s future and what is revealed is quite surprising.

12th October 2014 |