Review:  Captivated Love

CAPTIVATED LOVE - Yasmin Sullivan
Harlequin Kimani Romance
August 2014
Shirley Fleming |  RATING: B
SYNOPSIS: Where relationships are concerned, Safire Lewis is like quick fire. She moves fast to get what she wants-then moves on before things get too complicated. Artist Darien James's laid-back charm arouses her interest from their first meeting. But instead of seizing the opportunity for a no-strings fling, he's looking for a commitment.

Sometimes the most unlikely individuals are attracted to each other. In CAPTIVATED LOVE, Safire and Darien coin the phrase “opposites attract”.  They are like night and day; oil and water.  Safire likes to party but Darien is a little conservative. They start dating but their union is further complicated because they want different things from the relationship. Safire wants to take things one day at a time and Darien wants a solid commitment. They butt heads on several occasions but they always make up. In the midst of all the infighting, Darien and Safire realize that they want to be together more than they want to be apart and that compromise is the key to making that happen.

To say that Safire Lewis is bold and outspoken is an understatement. This paralegal is a spitfire who lives life to the fullest.  She is also full of contradictions; tough but tender, independent but youthful, saucy but sweet. And when she sees something she wants she isn’t shy about going after it. Safire likes to have a good time…with no strings attached. She approaches life and men the same way; fiercely.  But if you look close enough you can see the cracks in the carefree facade she presents to the world.

Darien James is a quiet, unassuming artist who leads a fairly quiet life.  He’s a vegan who doesn’t date or go out much and he’s a nondrinker.  In short, Darien doesn’t have much of a social life. Relationship wise, Darien is not interested in casual dating. He did that in the past and got burned in the process. These days he lives, by choice, a more sedate existence.  What he wants is a love connection with one special woman that he can build a lifetime with. And he won’t settle for anything less.

This novel is set in Miami. The pacing is slow but the story is well-written and detailed oriented. The two main characters vast differences make you wonder if they will ever come together on one accord.  The dialogue between them is often intense and combative. They take one step forward and two steps backwards.  A problematic situation that takes total commitment from both parties involved.

CAPTIVATED LOVE is aptly named because when it’s all said and done, Darien and Safire are so enthralled with each other to the point where they are willing to put in the work necessary to overcome their issues. Other characters include family members on both sides who simply add validity to the story.

Ms. Sullivan’s latest release is a good read.  The author shows us the pitfalls of romantic relationships especially when the two people involved have distinctly different personalities and different outlooks on life.

27th October 2014 |