Review: Burning Desire

Harlequin Kimani/Romance
June 2014
Janet Caldwell |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Ever since the tragedy that tore through his life, Mason Foley guards his heart, never letting any woman get too close. Yet the gorgeous, independent Sabrina Crawford is perfect for a sizzling fling, even if she does seem resistant to his charms. He'll just have to turn up the heat, igniting a longing the hard-to-get wedding photographer can't resist.

Why would a woman, who has faced rejection by her family and heartbreak by the love of her life and despite these adversities has managed to find tranquility, want to get involved with a stunningly gorgeous man who appears too good to be true?  This is the question nagging professional photographer Sabrina Crawford in BURINING DESIRE, the first novel in Kayla Perrin’s new Love on Fire series.

Sabrina has worked diligently for seven years to develop her business as a wedding and special events photographer.  In this highly competitive field she doesn’t have time for marriage or a family.  The satisfaction of her clients and building her client base is all that matters.  Her marriage ended when her husband decided her career took precedence over their marriage.  After the marriage failed, Sabrina’s interest in men was non-existent until Ocean City Fire Department’s finest steps into her studio.

Captain Mason Foley at six foot six is a “fine specimen of a man”.  He isn’t looking for a commitment and casually admits, when it comes to relationships, “He didn’t do serious.”  His model-like qualities make him an ideal candidate to grace the cover of the Ocean City Firefighter calendar that Sabrina is commissioned to produce.  There is much more to Mason than meets the eye.  Because of a personal tragedy, he forfeited a successful professional basketball career to become a firefighter.  Mason believes strongly in giving back and helping others for what appears to be no other reason than it is the right thing to do.

Other characters having an impact on the story include Sabrina’s best friend, her mother, her father and his wife and their children.  Initially, Sabrina and Mason are an unlikely pair.  She, like other women, only sees Mason’s external attributes but makes no effort to investigate the man beneath.  Mason, as the quintessential male, refuses to believe any woman can resist his good looks and charming personality.  Eventually they come to realize that the immediate and undeniable attraction between them is built on more than the superficial.

This is the first book I have read by Perrin and I really enjoyed it.  In BURNING DESIRE, she cleverly combines romance with witty dialogue and a thrilling subplot to create a tender story of two people realizing what is really important for their happiness.  I am anxious to read the next installment in this blazing hot series.

20th July 2014 |