Review:  Brick House
BRICK HOUSE - Keith Thomas Walker
August 2014
Ashley Slater |  RATING: A
SYNOPSIS: Korah Stewart and Brock “Brick” Avery are contractors competing for a multi-million dollar project. Korah is not above using her feminine allure to her advantage. And Brick, an ultra-sexy cowboy, will stop at nothing to catapult his company to the forefront of the Texas construction scene. Sparks fly when the powerhouses collide vowing to take all or nothing in the boardroom as well as the bedroom.

REVIEW: Korah and Brick have a lot in common. They both own their own construction companies. They are both stubborn and undeniably competitive. They are also fiercely attracted to each other, which poses a problem since both of their companies are vying for a lucrative contract with the school board. In spite of this, Brick pursues Korah even though she is wary of his motives. She’s got to be cautious since millions of dollars are at stake if Brick is simply manipulating her to win…

This couple has an amazing chemistry that just won’t be denied in or out of the bedroom. Their verbal sparring and antics are funny and laced with innuendos that make the dialogue lively and interesting throughout the story. Though Brick is not always forthcoming with details about his past, he doesn’t play games and is honest to a fault. Even though Korah desires more, she decides to give in to their attraction and take it one day at a time. Though the couple struggles with trust issues along the way, they can’t help but to explore their attraction.

You will definitely want to read BRICK HOUSE to find out how these two adversaries move beyond business to pleasure in this highly engaging novel. BRICK HOUSE is a modern day love story with great character development and interesting secondary characters. To see where love and life takes these characters next, look out for the sequel, BRICK HOUSE 2!

8th December 2014 |