Review: Blissfully Yours

Harlequin Kimani/Romance
January 2014

Shirley Fleming |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Who's the real Saturday Knight? Is she the tempestuous, in-your-face star of Divorced Divas, the small screen's hottest reality series? Or is she the sultry, au naturel temptress Brandon Gilliam meets in Jamaica? It isn't long before the New York director and the woman known off set as Ayana are sharing a passionate interlude that he never wants to end.

REVIEW: BLISSFULLY YOURS takes us into the world of reality TV where conflict and drama are served on a regular basis.  “Divorced Divas” is a hot reality series comprised of the former wives of rich and powerful men.  These women are used to having the finer things in life, but without their husbands’ money they had to find a way to support themselves.  But for one, having to pretend to be someone else and humiliate herself on national TV is too high a price to pay.       

Ayana Lewis, aka Saturday Knight, is the star of the popular reality series “Divorced Divas”.  Ayana detest her on air persona because it is totally opposite of her true character.  But it is a role that she agreed to play.  All the staged bickering and confrontations are starting to take a toll on her so she plans to leave the show at the end of the season.  Because of a near tragedy, the show is put on hold temporarily and Ayana goes home to see her family.  While visiting them she runs into the shows new director, Brandon Gilliam.  She’s embarrassed to see Brandon because, like everyone else, he believes her to be loud and rude which is indicative of her TV personality.

Brandon Gilliam is a talented director with years of experience directing a newsmagazine show. Unable to realize his dream of directing movies and desperately needing a job, he takes the position as director on “Divorced Divas”.  Brandon doesn’t consider the reality show to be real TV and is tired of all the phony fights that take place to keep the ratings competitive with other shows in the same genre.  He feels his talent is being wasted and is diligently seeking another position more befitting his expertise.  When Brandon meets Saturday Knight away from the TV cameras, he is surprised and pleased to know that she is nothing like the person she portrays on screen.  The two begin a love affair that neither wants to end once they return to work.

BLISSFULLY YOURS is set in New York with several trips to the beautiful island of Jamaica.  This story has a good plot that moves along effortlessly.  A mélange of characters, round out the cast including the creator of Divorced Divas.  His colorful wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired but definitely keeps things lively.

Ms. Carter has written an entertaining love story that will keep you turning pages for more.  I loved the island scenes of Jamaica.  I’m looking forward to reading more of her stories.  Hopefully with more exotic locations. 

1st January 2014 |