Review: Better Than Okay
BETTER THAN OKAY - Jacinta Howard
Amazon Digital
May 2014
REVIEWER:  Ashley Slater|  RATING: A
REVIEW: Destiny and Brian have been friends since childhood. They have an amazing depth to their friendship and an underlying chemistry that’s always been there, but not fully acknowledged.  It’s easy to see how their relationship could progress beyond friendship. Though Destiny doesn’t feel ready for a relationship and tries her best to push him away, Brian is the kind of man every woman dreams of.  He’s patient, funny, and intuitive.  He understands what it means to love deeply and completely. Though he is a bit enigmatic at times, he is also confident, straightforward, and honest. As we get to know him better we find out the circumstances that led to the development of these qualities and it makes us love him even more.

When the unthinkable happens, Destiny begins to re-evaluate everything she’s known. As Destiny deals with the hand that she has been dealt, she also has to come to terms with her own insecurities and what it means to truly embrace love. Though Destiny’s internal struggle with her emotions rages on throughout the story, it’s understandable why she is so conflicted. It challenges her outlook on life.

I feel like the characters in this story are people that I would want to know in real life. You can’t help but fall in love with the guys and the ladies are people that I would befriend. The secondary characters are terrific and add humor and compassion, as well as give us additional insight into the complexity of Destiny and Brian’s relationship. Unexpected moments make you laugh out loud, as well as empathize with the main characters as they deal with their circumstances. There are also great musical references throughout, which enrich the mood and enhance the narrative/character thoughts. This combination of these elements lends the story a poetic quality that is thought-provoking and profound.  BETTER THAN OKAY is a phenomenal love story about the healing power of love and friendship.

Jacinta Howard has a gift for creating a captivating love story with numerous layers. She manages to balance sad moments with unexpected bursts of lighthearted banter and tenderness. Rich dialogue accurately encompasses the tension and the passionate that culminates in these significant moments throughout the story. Like a cool class of iced tea on a warm summer day or fresh baked cookies straight from the oven, you will want to savor this love story.

22nd March 2015 |