Review: Another Woman's Man

Kensington Dafina/Fiction
May 2014

Susan Plummer  |  RATING: B+ 
SYNOPSIS: Dawn Gibbons is shocked when her long-lost father reappears in her life. Seriously ill, his dying wish is to reconnect with her. But for Dawn, it's complicated--her wealthy father comes complete with jealous relatives--and a handsome young lawyer Dawn finds dangerously sexy. Dangerous because he's engaged--to her newfound half-sister. One thing a Gibbons woman doesn't do is steal her sister's man. Yet for the first time, Dawn may care about love more than money. . .
REVIEW: Is it ever acceptable to fall in love with another woman’s man?  The answer may surprise you in this outrageously entertaining novel from the Gibbon’s Gold Digger series by Shelly Ellis.
Dawn Gibbons is a second generation gold digger trained in ensnaring rich men.  After two successful divorces, Dawn decides to focus on her career as a gallery curator.  She is excited about her progress until a patron introduces himself as her estranged father.  He asks for the chance to reconcile but Dawn’s half-sister, Constance and step-mother are not as enthusiastic about reconciling.  Constance’s fiancé, Xavier Hughes tries to make Dawn feel welcome.  Dawn is puzzled by their relationship as they have nothing in common.  Constance is clinging and controlling while Xavier is open and accommodating.  Xavier becomes captivated by Dawn’s unapologetic approach to life.  He soon falls completely in love with her but feels guilty because of his commitment to Constance.  Dawn is unable to fight an equal attraction to Xavier but for the first time, feels guilty about stealing another woman’s man.  While they struggle with a decision, Dawn discovers a secret that could destroy Constance and Xavier’s relationship.  Surprisingly, she doesn’t use it as leverage because Dawn wants Xavier to have a clear conscience about choosing the woman he believes is perfect for him.
The story moves along from one riveting revelation to the next without a lag.  For Dawn, love is a weakness she will not entertain.  Xavier Hughes is the complete opposite, having grown up with two loving parents.  Constance proves that people are not always what they appear.  The Gibbons sisters and their mother provide humor, frankness and unwavering support, making for a lively and entertaining mix of characters.
Dialogue among the major players develops the plot into a credible story.  It also allows each character to become more vivid and lifelike.  Dawn is complex but she never pretends to be someone she is not with Xavier.  Despite her upbringing, she proves that she can care for a man regardless of his financial status.  Xavier doesn’t realize he’s living a lie until he opens up to Dawn.  When they communicate with each other, they manage to awaken a side of the other previously locked away.  Constance and her mother are equally self-absorbed and vain people.
ANOTHER WOMAN’S MAN ties in perfectly with the other Gibbons novels.  While it is not necessary, it is preferable that the novels are read in sequence.  Clearly Ellis proves that under the right circumstances, is it perfectly acceptable to fall in love with ANOTHER WOMAN’S MAN and you will too.

1st June 2014 |