Review - A Mistletoe Affair
Harlequin Kimani Romance
December 2014
Shirley Fleming |  RATING: A 
SYNOPSIS: Floral designer Vicki Ahlfors is a shy, hopeless romantic. The dutiful daughter of a banking dynasty, she has always done what was expected of her-until she falls for her best friend's divorced brother. Attorney turned political strategist Jordan Woolcott has always defined himself by his work. Now at a crossroads, Jordan's not sure who he is, other than a dad to his young son, Mason. It's a rewarding job, but being a single father is so much harder than he'd ever imagined.

Vicki Ahlfors fell for Jordan Woolcott a long time ago when she was just fifteen years old but in all the years they’ve know each other he never returned her feelings.  He only saw her as his little sister’s friend and nothing more.  He never notices what a beauty she is until she has a makeover.  At his sister’s wedding Jordan’s eyes nearly drop out of their sockets at Vicki’s transformation and he practically drools all over himself.  When Vicki offers to help with Jordan’s son, what happens next is a dream come true for her.  She finally has the chance to get the man she loves but not without a few bumps in the road.  Having been burned by love before, Jordan has a wall surrounding his heart and is afraid to risk it again.  But with Vicki’s help, he learns to love and trust again.

Jordan is an attorney and a divorced father with a sixteen-month old toddler.  Between work and raising his son, Jordan’s life is full and more difficult than he ever imagined.  He is a man who has been damaged by life but not broken; a single father simply taking one day at a time trying to make the best of his life after the break-up of his marriage.  With help from family and friends, he is able to provide a somewhat normal existence for himself and his son.

Vicki owns a floral design shop and is the third partner of the Silk Sisters, an upscale event agency.  She is very good at what she does and her designs are second to none.  Vicki is a giving person and over the years has allowed others to take advantage of her kindness and good nature.  Fed up with feeling sorry for herself and a last ditch effort to get over a one-sided attraction, she sheds the old Vicki and a new Vicki emerges.  She gets a make-over and a new wardrobe to match her new attitude.  Business in her flower design shop picks up and Vicki is receiving more attention from the opposite sex than she knows what to do with.

A MISTLETOE AFFAIR touched my heart.  It is well-written and the pacing is just right for the storyline.  There is one character who desperately wants love and the other afraid to give his heart again and risk having it trampled.  But when Jordan and Vicki come together they figure it out together and find a love worth fighting for.  These two deserve a happy ending and little Mason is icing on the cake.  Ms. Rochon does a good job with the third entry in the Wintersage Wedding Series.  She gives us a detailed description of Vicki as being an introvert, finally coming out of her shell and Jordan realizing that love is better the second time around; especially when the other person really loves you.  Along the way you can feel all the emotions they’re experiencing and it warms your heart to see two good people find each other.  Good writing!

This is a good Christmas love story.  While you’re celebrating this holiday season grab a copy of A MISTLETOE AFFAIR and find out how Vicki finally gets her man.  Happy Reading!

25th December 2014 |