Review:  Zorra: The Idea Outlet
ZORRA: The Idea Outlet - J. L. Campbell

Life & Music (Book # 2)

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Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW:  In this second book that features Jamaica as the backdrop, talented writer, J.L. Campbell, spotlights, Zorra Dyson, daughter of Nasira Sawyers, the heroine of RORY: The Lyrical Genius, Book #1. Zorra is a member of the Gen Z generation, and her life is tightly connected to Social Media. While working for her mother in her event planning business, and going to college, Zorra is living her best life. However, that life becomes complicated when she goes against her own dictum: “Never date an entertainer.” Enter Kai X, a popular dancehall deejay who works for Rory (RORY: RORY: The Lyrical Genius) Nasira’s fiancé, and the owner of RLK Studios. For Zorra and Kai, their relationship is rocky. They are two young people who have a lot to learn about relationships, respect, and keeping their private lives private.

First, Kai is not a likable character. He is brash, full of himself, with a touch of machismo. Zorra is a young woman who has a lot to learn about not living your life out on social media and controlling your own narrative. In this story, we watch Zorra reach a point where she has to make some serious life changes. It’s not an easy task, because not only is there a lot of drama between her and Kai, but there is also another young man working at RLK Studios who complicates Zorra and Kai’s volatile relationship. Tristan, a studio engineer, comes with some heavy family baggage that almost derails his ambitions. No spoilers. It’s a very clever take on the “love triangle” trope with a Gen Z twist. I like Tristan, but he has a lot to learn about “coming-to-terms” with his past. His storyline provides a very intriguing sub-plot.

I like how Ms Campbell handles the topic of abusive relationships, and the generational machismo nature of some men, Jamaican style. She also gives her reader a quick lesson in Jamaican patois by providing a useful glossary.

The main character, Zorra, is smart, savvy, and tasked with finding her way in this world without the pressure of living life out loud on social media.
ZORRA: The Idea Outlet is a timely story with a noteworthy message, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. Jaxen, Rory’s son, is up next in the Life and Music Series, and I look forward to reading his story. In the meantime, pick up a copy of ZORRA: The Idea Outlet. It’s an entertaining read.

6th September 2023 |