Review: We Are One

The Enigma Series (Book #4)

She Loves Words


Reviewer: Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A


REVIEW: Aja, you did that! I love this final chapter of the Enigma Series. Bringing these families together, allowing them to express their thoughts, fears, longings, and dreams solidified their unity as one big family. They are gathered together for a wedding that marks the beginning of a lifetime for the blended family of Elijah Lewis and Zora Green, the matriarch of the Z tribe.

First, Zora is an amazing character created by an amazing writer. She is so many strong, devoted, woke, spiritual women rolled into one. Her spirit is almost palpable as she gently guides and brings everyone together because they trust her keen foresight. If you read her story,
SOUL TIES, then you know exactly what I mean.  Even though she and Elijah (SMOKE) have not been together for years, he still trusts her when she speaks of what he must do. In this story, her vision of trouble for the blended family leads them to her son-in-law, Khalil and her daughter’s, Zola (SHE’S GOT SOUL) home in order to have a peaceful wedding ceremony for Eli, Smoke’s son by another mother, and Eli’s love, Mena. The families are all gathered to witness Eli and Mena (MAESTRO) become one, but what is more, these two families also become one.

The family dynamic is another aspect of this story that sets it apart. Zena and Rafael (
DEEP IN MY SOUL), Zoe and Rashaad, (SOUL LOVE), are all present, along with their children. I must also mention Solomon, Zora’s husband and Aaliyah, Elijah’s wife, are present in the roles of supporters. Of course, Sarai, Eli’s sister, and her man, Malachi (SLICK), are there. Speaking of Sarai, she and Eli have some unfinished business to take care of before the wedding. No spoilers, but let me tell you, it’s one heck of a scene. Come through, Sarai!

None of this will mean anything if you have not read both series. I highly recommend that you first read the four-book series,
Soul Ties, and then the three-book series, Enigma, before you read, WE ARE ONE. It is the book that brings everybody and everything together. Aja really stepped up her writing game in these two series. Don’t forget to check out the bonus playlist that accompanies this book. Get the full effect! I promise you will not be sorry. You can thank me later!

5th October 2023 |