Review: Watchers of the Night

The Night Guardians (Book #1)

Harlequin Romantic Supense


Shirley Fleming (A)


REVIEW: Detective Adam Solberg and Forensic Investigator Cynthia Cornwall meet when searching for clues in an explosion that led to the death of Adam’s father. Since Adam has close ties to the case, his captain sidelines him. Unbeknownst to his captain, Cynthia keeps Adam aware of pertinent information regarding the case. Working closely together, an attraction develops that neither one can resist. Their attraction deepened with each piece of evidence uncovered. But it’s challenging to identify the culprit with so many players involved. To make matters worse, the evidence points to a person Adam and Cynthia find hard to believe could be a criminal.

Being a forensic investigator in a male-dominated field, Cynthia has had to prove herself to her male counterparts constantly. Having a sharp eye and attention to detail makes her a successful investigator. Adam is a good police detective desperate to find the person responsible for his father’s death. But this case takes him into unchartered territory.

WATCHERS OF THE NIGHT is an awesome read—a complex romantic suspense story. Ms. Parris created a hodgepodge mixture of well-defined and likable characters. I love the plot, and it is an easy read. The story moves along swimmingly without any slowdown. The main characters, Cynthia and Adam, find that they have a lot in common once they get to know each other better. They worked well together even before they became romantically involved. I think the author has a winner here. When the crime is solved, and the dust settles, Adam and Cynthia literally ride off into the sunset on his motorcycle to attend a bike rally. Again, I think Ms. Parris has a winner here.  

WATCHERS OF THE NIGHT (The Night Guardians, Book #1) is an excellent start to this two-book series. Cynthia and Adam make a great team as colleagues and lovers. I would recommend this book, especially to those who love suspense and romance like me. I can’t wait to read Book #2.

1st January 2024|