Review: Vows Fulfilled
VOWS FULFILLED - Unoma Nwankwor

The DuBois-Arazi Family (Book #3)

KevStel Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: First, let me say that I love these wonderfully written stories that are centered around African culture across the diaspora. Modern-day griot, Unoma Nwankwor, transports her readers back to Tweede Kans Cove, a fictional town in Northern Africa to visit the DuBois-Arazi family. By the way, Tweede Kans translates to ‘second chance’. This is the perfect setting for this story of second chances for Salma DuBois-Arazi and Qasim Adesina.

Salma DuBois-Arazi, the baby of the family, and director of Guest Services and Activities for the family’s renowned resort, Grand Amour Luxury Resort, and Qasim Adesina, CFO of Ille Olora Farms (Nigeria), his family’s business, are highlighted in this story. These two have known each other for nine years, but for five years their lives had been spinning out-of-control. I’m sorry fans, I cannot reveal the details of Salma and Qasim’s relationship. You will have to read the story for that, and what a story it is! To say their relationship is complicated is putting it mildly, however, it makes for an intriguing read. I love how their families are involved in their respective lives, yet they don’t have a clue what is really going on. Even Grandma Olly, Salma’s confidant and the grand matriarch of the DuBois-Arazi family, is not privy to all the secrets that surround this couple. This story was packed with revelations that helped to make it a page-turner. Between Hamza, the Brotherhood, and family backstories, you will become immersed in the lives of the heroine and hero. You’ll understand those references when you read this fascinating story that revolves around family, faith, love and restoration.

The side characters, the families and friends of Salma and Qasim, contribute to the development of the storyline. It was great catching up with Yasmine & Kojo (
A PROMISE FULFILLED), Mustafa & Zaina (DESTINY FULFILLED) and Arinze & Jasmine (RENT A BAE). Not familiar? Well, I recommend you get to know these unforgettable characters by reading their stories. The HEA for Salma, his star and Qasim, her honey, comes with a babymoon and vows fulfilled.

VOWS FULFILLED is a story of love, commitment, and being guided by a higher power to achieve fulfillment. I highly recommend it. Unoma Nwankwor is a master storyteller who takes you to places that open up a whole new world as you experience the culture and people of the Motherland. Enjoy!

22nd October 2023 |