Review: To Hollis & Obey
TO HOLLIS & OBEY - Sherelle Green
Crowne Legacy (Book #7)
Coffee'd Pink Creative
Cheryl McNeil (A)
REVIEW: USA Today best-selling author, Sherelle Green, continues the gritty Crowne Legacy Series with TO HOLLIS AND OBEY. Hollis is known as the comedian who sometimes irks other family members. In actuality, he’s the tech genius of the family who can hack into any system, and sometimes refers to himself as the “dumb genius”. He is hilarious. CeCe “Cookie Cutter” Brown is the bane of his existence. Her chestnut skin is the only thing soft on her since she is always focused and suspicious. CeCe has good reason in her line of work as a killer with a unique skill set. She knows Hollis is afraid of her and brings him a gory present every chance she gets. CeCe is also an important part of Laced women’s empowerment and self defense center. There is more to her than meets the eye.

To Hollis’ chagrin, he needs to work on a mission with CeCe at a private auction. He sees CeCe in a new light and slips up and calls her sexy. Ultimately, things go wrong and the pair end of fighting for their lives. We learn that Hollis can hold his own with a gun when he needs to. As time passes, they become sexually frustrated when they aren’t in danger. Hollis doesn’t mince words and adrenaline and explosive chemistry leads to some serious heat. When CeCe least expects it, her body tingles in anticipation. Despite the trouble they find themselves in, Hollis quietly observes CeCe and knows what she wants more than she does.

Hollis is dealing with past trauma from being abused and tortured by his superior officer, while in the military. He jokes around because he lost so much of himself during that time period. CeCe also experienced physical and mental trauma from abusive husbands and deals with it in her own unhealthy way. There was a lot to unpack about Hollis and CeCe’s similar pasts.

As the story progressed, I couldn’t see how Ms. Green would resolve the conflict, but it is written in a way that makes sense. There are a lot of twists and turns that round out this interesting story. I enjoyed seeing parts of the story from Duchess’ perspective. I also enjoyed the surprise related to “Doc”, who we finally get to meet. The bonus scenes are also very entertaining.
TO HOLLIS AND OBEY is a sexy enemies-to-lovers story, with a lot of grit, and I highly recommend this continuation of the series

20th March 2023 |