Review: This Could Be Us
THIS COULD BE US - Kennedy Ryan

Skylark (Book #2)

Hatchette Books/Forever


Brenda Larnell (A+)


REVIEW: We are back in Skyland, one of Atlanta’s most desirable fictional communities where talented writer, Kennedy Ryan, sets the story, revolving it around two families who reside in Skyland. The Prologue introduces us to the Crosses, Judah, Tremaine, and their twin boys, Adam and Aaron. This family is going through a transition. Divorce is eminent and they are working out the details for a “parenting plan” for their sons who are on the autistic spectrum. Kudos to Ms Ryan who does an excellent job of depicting the intricacies of children who are autistic. How they relate to each other, their parents, their environment, and how they cope with their condition are masterfully done. These two characters (Adam and Aaron) are intrinsic to the telling of this story.

The story picks up three years after The Prologue, and it is then we meet again, Soledad “Sol” and Edward Barnes. They appeared in the first Skyland book,
BEFORE I LET GO. Sol and Edward’s sixteen-year marriage is in trouble. Edward is not happy with Sol or a co-worker at his company. Sol suspects he is having an affair. The co-worker, whom Edward abhors, is Judah Cross, a forensic accountant at Edward’s company, who suspects Edward is up to “something”. As it happens, Sol and Judah strike up a conversation at the annual company Christmas party, and they find themselves attracted to each other. Through a series of unfortunate and fortunate events that occur in this engrossing story, a love affair develops between Judah and Sol. Just wait until you read about the ‘white-collar money shenanigans’ that Edward has been up to that lands him in prison. Consequently, Sol is left to “reinvent” herself as an influencer and content creator in order to support her family of three daughters. Encouraging her all the way are her daughters Lupe, Inez, and Lottie, and her besties, Hendrix and Yasmen, both from BEFORE I LET GO. I can’t leave out Judah who gives Sol all the room she needs to “figure it out”.

This story has so many layers that are brilliantly woven together to present a beautiful tapestry of love lost, love found, healing, and family-blending. Let’s not forget that it is a love story. There are sensual and heart-searing moments to back that up.

One of my favorite scenes is when Sol has an Angela Bassett “Waiting to Exhale” moment when she returns from confronting Edward in prison. It is also a pivotal scene in the plot. You’ll understand when you read the story. The HFN for Sol and Judah is sublime. It made me want to cheer!

THIS COULD BE US is one of the best stories that I have read this year. Every chapter is skillfully connected through Soledad and Judah’s point of view. It is a gorgeously raw and at the same time romantic journey. I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure.

5 March 2024 |