Review: The Thing About Home


Thomas Nelson


Brenda Larnell (A++)


REVIEW: For this engrossing story, we travel from the Big Apple to South Carolina’s Low Country, Georgetown, South Carolina. Casey Black, aka Casey B, is on the run from a super humiliating cancellation of renewal vows with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Drew. It’s super humiliating because Casey is a very popular beauty and fashion influencer who has/had over a million followers. Every step of her forth-coming renewal vows was posted, snapped and followed until that moment when the vow ceremony was cancelled. It’s a very poignant scene. That, and a “come-to-Jesus” moment, leads Casey to find out about her father’s side of the family that she had no connection with other than her last name. It had always been Casey and her mother, who had no desire to ever acquaint Casey with either side of her family. Well, that changes when Casey goes on a personal mission, and takes the initiative to find out for herself.

The theme of the importance of knowing your roots is deeply embedded in the storyline that is interjected with the Black family history that begins in 1867. Talented author, Rhonda McKnight, flawlessly switches the narrative between the past and the present so that the reader gets the complete picture of how the Black family survived and thrived through the decades. Casey becomes so engrossed in her mission that she begins to take pictures in order to chronicle her experiences that span the 300 acres of the Black farmland.

The scene when she arrives at the Black Farm, established in 1899, and meets Ida Black, her 99-year-old grandmother, whom Casey calls Granna, is so gratifying. That memorable and heartwarming moment is initiated with a simple “Welcome home”. Equally impressive are the snippets of wisdom that Granna imparts to Casey. Her explanation for the reason Casey has to move out of the Bed & Breakfast that Casey reserved for her stay is quite an eye-opening revelation. You’ll understand that brief, but potent scene, when you read the story.

The Black family dynamic from the Post-Civil War era to the present day is one of the most arresting features of this story. Likewise, when Casey finally grasps her place and future in the family, marks a pivotal moment in the story. Casey is constantly encouraged by her best friend, Leslie, and her love interest, Nigel, the manager of Black Farms. As Casey meets members of the Black family during her extended stay, she is convinced that she is part of the legacy, and being with her Low Country family is home.

THE THING ABOUT HOME is brilliant! I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure. It is rich in history and family love. The Epilogue is everything! Make sure you add this book to your library and mark it as read. It’s too good to linger on the TBR pile. You can thank me later.

6th May 2023 |