Review: The Single Dad Project

Rose Bend (Book #5)

Canary Street Press


Shirley Fleming (A)


REVIEW: Flo Dennison is a member of the well-known Dennison clan in her hometown in Massachusetts. She returns home from a photography work trip in Thailand disillusioned with her mentor and friend. Instead of going home, she stops at the local bar and sets her sights on spending the night with Adam Reed. Since Adam isn’t a local, Flo never expected to see him again. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that Adam is the architect on the restoration project she was hired to photograph. Working together is extremely hard for Adam and Flo with their flaming attraction. To make matters worse, Adam’s little girl, Justine, lovingly referred to as Jussie, has attached herself to Flo, declaring them best friends. Flo is very fond of Jussie as well. Adam is very protective of Jussie and doesn’t want her to get hurt when it’s time for them to leave. He’s raising her alone because Jussie’s mother is off finding herself and doesn’t spend much time with her. But the attraction between Adam and Flo is too powerful to resist, and they succumb to their feelings.

Flo is a talented photographer doing small jobs around town. She wants to do assignments on a larger scale to really showcase her talent. Until those opportunities come, she is happy to use her craft to make others happy.  Adam is an architect and single father who comes to the picturesque town of Rose Bend to work on a project. When the project is finished, he plans to return home to Chicago. The best-laid plans can still go wrong, as Adams finds out.

THE SINGLE DAD PROJECT is an excellent read. Ms. Simone is such a wonderful storyteller. I always enjoy reading her books. Her characters are first-rate and well-defined. Unsurprisingly, Flo and Adam are well-matched in this emotional and passionate story. Although they are different individuals with much in common, neither is looking for a love match when they spend the night together. They both have personal baggage and trust issues. Also, the author fashions their childhoods with similarities that bind them closer. And, of course, little Jussie adds another factor to this intriguing story. Whatever struggles and insecurities they may face, Flo and Adam decide it is worth it to have the happiness they both crave. This narrative is another enjoyable success for the author.

is one you want to read. It’s an emotional yet exciting story that generates laughter in some scenes. I hope the author has more stories from the small town of Rose Bend coming soon.

20th February 2024 |