Review:  The Secret To A Southern Wedding

Peachtree Cove (Book #1)

Canary Street Press


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW:  Talented author, Synithia Williams, has returned to Peachtree Cove, Georgia to entertain us with another delightful story. Our first trip to that idyllic Southern town was ABOUT LAST NIGHT that featured Joanne Wilson and Devante Thompson. Dr. Imani Kemp and the fedora wearing Cyril Dash are the highlighted couple in this story. Imani is a native of Peachtree Cove and Cyril and his father, Preston, are transplants from Baltimore, Maryland. When the story opens, Imani is a doctor practicing and living in Tampa, Florida. She is not a happy camper. She loves her profession but does not love the practice with which she is associated. Although recently named Doctor of the Year, Imani realizes that it is just that…a title. She puts up with a lot of disrespect, but to her, returning to Peachtree Cove to live is not doable at all. You’ll understand her predicament when you read the story. On the other hand, Cyril, who has opened a bar, A Couple of Beers, and his father, Preston, cannot fathom returning to Baltimore because of the tragedy that destroyed their family. They find a new life and new opportunities in Peachtree Cove, and they can’t imagine living anywhere else.

The reason that Imani makes a hasty return to Peachtree Cove is to stop her mother, Linda, from marrying Preston, Cyril’s father. Why? You’ll have to read the story, no spoilers. In her quest to literally “Stop the Wedding”, she meets Cyril and there is a mutual attraction that cannot be denied. There are two takeaways that you will come away with from reading this engrossing story: 1. There are no secrets in a small town, and 2. You cannot run away from your past. Imani and Cyril will have a lot of “Come-to-Jesus” moments before they resolve their “issues”.

The intriguing storyline is punctuated with some serious plot points, and the appearance of some equally intriguing characters who will keep you turning pages. One of the most compelling subplots that undergirds this story involves the LGBTQ community and how it is regarded in the medical profession. Kudos to Ms. Williams for this insightful inclusion. The character who is featured in this scenario is Kaden, a resident of Peachtree Cove. That’s all you get. I’ll allow you to discover “their” place in the scheme of things. Another character who stands out is Preston’s sister-in-law, Gayle. Her visit to the Cove is unexpected, a little unhinged, and eye-opening. You’ll get it when you read the book.

Imani and Cyril, as well as Preston and Linda, will have their HFN after a lot of maneuvering and soul-searching. I just love it when a plan comes together! And yes, they will discover “the secret to a southern wedding.”
THE SECRET TO A SOUTHERN WEDDING is a great read, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

14th August 2023 |