Review: The Rancher's Baby
THE RANCHER'S BABY - Kathy Douglass
Aspen Creek Bachelors (Book #2
Harlequin Special Edition

Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: First, let me say that I love reading Kathy Douglass’ sweet romance stories. THE RANCHER’S BABY is now at the top of the list. In this story we meet Isaac Montgomery and Savannah Rogers, a couple destined to be together. You might remember Isaac from VALENTINES FOR THE RANCHER (Book #1), another good read. He is Miles’ brother, the hero of that book. One of the best features of this story is how Isaac became a father of a sweet baby girl, Mia. It is a significant part of the framework of the story, and it gives the reader a hint of Isaac’s character. Our heroine, Savannah is not a native of Aspen Creek. Her background story is intriguing and poignant. I’ll allow you to discover how Isaac became a father and how Savannah ended up in Aspen Creek when you read the book.

Isaac has no problem acclimating himself to the role of “Dad”, and putting his love ‘em and leave ‘em playa card away. His family instantly accepts Mia into the family, so that his obligations and duties as a rancher are basically uninterrupted. Savannah, a former college professor, wife and mother rents a cabin when she arrives in Aspen Creek that is close to the Montgomery ranch. Of course, during the course of her stay, she and Isaac meet. Don’t aspect “love at first sight”, or instant chemistry, or any of those romantic sensations from Savannah. On the contrary, in one scene, Savannah becomes so uncomfortable, she abruptly leaves Isaac and Mia in the middle of the grocery store. Isaac thoughts of Savanna, as she runs out of the store are one, she’s stunning, and two, she forgot her groceries. From this point in the story, Isaac is determined to find out what Savannah is all about, and the reason she chooses to live such a solitary life. Author Kathy Douglass delves into the heart and soul of a woman who has suffered tremendous loss, and the man who wants to help her see that she does not have to face the future alone. With the help of Isaac’s family, baby Mia, and a dog named Scout, Savannah finds herself outnumbered by positive vibes, and people who have her best interest at heart. I loved the “turn around” moment that happened after Savannah read a letter written to her from someone very dear to her from her past. No tea. That’s all I’m going to give you.

I enjoyed this story and the journey of emotional intimacy that Isaac and Savannah experienced. If you are looking for a story that skillfully incorporates believing in love, overcoming obstacles, and finding happiness into its storyline, then I recommend THE RANCHER’S BABY for your reading pleasure.

28th March 2023 |