Review: The Perfect Fake Date
Billionaries of Boston (Book #3)

Harlequin Desire
Shirley Fleming (A)
REVIEW: Kenan Roberts and Eve Burke have been friends for a long time. But, whereas Kenan has been secretly in love with Eve for years, she is in love with Kenan’s brother, Gavin. Unrequited love has been Kenan’s companion for fifteen years. But when Kenan and Eve enter into a secret pact to help each other out, something changes. Eve promises to help Kenan with a project at work, and he will help her gain Gavin’s attention. Sometimes your heart's desire can be standing right in front of you. One kiss with Kenan and Eve’s eyes are open to that truth. She’s in love with Kenan. And, of course, it’s a scary revelation. What if she and Kenan cross that line from friends to lovers? It could ruin their relationship by reaching for something more. Kenan and Eve have a lot to consider before making this life-changing decision.

Kenan is a complex young man whose life has been turned upside down. Now he’s left with trying to find his way within this new complicated family dynamics, which is not easy when you’re being pulled into two different directions. Eve is a school teacher by day but an entrepreneur by night. Eve’s online lingerie business is wildly successful and her real passion. But she’s afraid to embrace it for fear of disappointing others.

THE PERFECT FAKE DATE is a friend-to-lovers romance and Book #3 of the Billionaires of Boston Series. Ms. Simone is a talented writer, and I always enjoy reading her books. The one encompasses fear, longing, friendship, love, secrets, guilt, and a lot more. This attention-getter is well written with excellent characters and a great plot. Kenan and Eve have been inseparable since they were kids. Kenan has loved Eve for just as long. Knowing that Eve didn’t return his feelings has grieved Kenan. But when Eve realizes her feelings have changed, an internal battle begins. But the heart is a powerful organ, and it always gets what it wants.

I recommend
THE PERFECT FAKE DATE to all the fans of a friends-to-lovers romance. It is a great read, and Kenan and Eve are a sweet couple who makes it worth the effort.

19th January 2022 |