Review: The One
THE ONE - Yancey Braxton
Girl in 3J
Diertra Thomas  |  Rating: B
REVIEW: Blaise Jefferson is hard on himself and when his younger brother, who he is guardian of, lands himself in court with the new Judge Kaiya O’Neal, things escalate fast, and lands him in jail. While he should be mad about spending the night in a nasty jail, he can’t stop thinking about Judge O’Neal. Kaiya O’Neal is back in her hometown, Sweetland Bay, trying to escape from the circus she left behind in New York, but what she finds is a different kind of spotlight…and, with it, romance, too.

When I started this book, I didn’t read the blurb all the way through because I prefer to go in blind. What I found is a very well-rounded Blaise Jefferson and a few of his friends all of whom make up the cast of The Real Bachelors of Sweetland Bay. It is Blaise Jefferson’s idea to bring positive publicity back to the small town he loves because it was declining as a result of the loss of a big sugar cane factory. While the show is already taped and is now being aired, it isn’t front and center of this nice little love story between Blaise and Kaiya O’Neal. While it does play a part in it, because Kaiya O’Neal is running away from her own TMZ drama from her ex and lands herself right in the middle of the hidden cameras and public eye when she becomes interested in Blaise.

Yancey Braxton, the author, does great with all the characters in THE ONE.  There is plenty of drama to keep you turning the page. Blaise and Kaiya both have deep roots in Sweetland Bay even though they never really crossed path growing up. However, I found that there was way too much detail when it came to their back story. While this book is supposed to be about Blaise and being the bachelor, it does seem, at times, to be more about Kaiya then Blaise.

THE ONE is good, but it seemed that the last four to five chapters were a rush to get to the end. I do look forward to reading the other books in the series because the other guys all sound fun, especially Kaiya’s brother Nate aka Justice. At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a story about finding love and learning that your parents’ history doesn’t define your future, then THE ONE is definitely for you.

23rd January 2022 |