Review: The Husband Situation

Rose Bend (Book #4.5)

Canary Street Press


Shirley Fleming (A)


REVIEW: After a corporate team-building trip to Vegas, Brooklyn Hayes wakes up with a throbbing headache and is naked in bed with her best friend, her sister’s ex. She has no memory of what happened and certainly can’t explain the wedding ring on her finger. Panic sets in. Her parents are a stickler for proper decorum. How will she ever explain this marriage to them if they find out? Patrick King wakes up dazed and confused. He can’t remember how he and Brooklyn ended up married. They live in a small town and will have to walk a very tightrope to keep their elopement a secret. Brooklyn and Patrick decide the only thing to do is get an annulment. In his heart of hearts, Patrick wishes they could stay married. Unfortunately, Brooklyn has no idea Patrick has been in love with her for the last three years.

Brooklyn Hayes is a marketing executive who owns her business with a friend. She has spent her life trying to please her family and playing second fiddle to her younger sister. Patrick King is a graphic designer working for his secret crush. Patrick was once engaged to Brooklyn’s sister, but his heart belongs to Brooklyn and always will.

THE HUSBAND SITUATION is a sweet novella from my favorite fictional town of Rose Bend. A small town full of wonderful characters and secrets that are not so secret. In this one, the heroine and hero face a dilemma. First, they live in a small town. Second, they feel they have no right to be married to each other. The news could rock their tight community. The author did a great job weaving a story of incidents and circumstances to help Patrick and Brooklyn face their feelings and come to the only logical conclusion; to forget everything and everyone else, admit their feelings, and spend their life together. Ms. Simone writes terrific stories, and this page-turner is another winner.

THE HUSBAND SITUATION is a good read. Of course, I read it in one sitting. This story reminds you that no matter the circumstances, love will always win. I recommend this story for your reading pleasure. You will enjoy it as much as I did.

1st February 2024 |