Review: Taste The Smoke

TASTE THE SMOKE - Sheryl Lister

Four20 Bae (Book #5)

SL Books


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Prolific author, Sheryl Lister adds her contribution to the latest anthology written by eight of her talented fellow authors. In TASTE THE SMOKE, we meet Kenya Grant, a psychologist who works at a teen center offering art therapy. Her soulmate is Alonzo Bennett, a physical therapist, who also works with his sister, Sonya at her day spa, Elite Oasis Spa Retreat, specializing in CBD wellness.

The meet cute between Kenya and Alonzo sets the tone for the story. They both have experienced previous relationships that ended tragically. For Kenya, she still wears the physical scars. You’ll understand when you read their back stories. When they meet, it’s due to disappointing dates that never happened. It is truly a serendipitous encounter.

I love how both Kenya and Alonzo’s families, as minor characters, contribute to the intrigue of the story and the development of the main characters. Kenya has a bit of family drama going on with her father that Alonzo handles. Great scene! Now, if you are familiar with Ms Lister’s stories, you know that some mouth-watering food is going to be cooked up. She and Alonzo not only cook in the bedroom, but the kitchen action in this story will make your stomach growl.

While you are reading Kenya and Alonzo’s love journey, you will encounter some old friends from previous stories. Raven and Bryson Montgomery from
EMBRACING FOREVER (Once Upon A Bridesmaid - Book #3), along with Dante and Jayana Powell from MR. RIGHT NOW - Baes of Juneteenth are featured as side characters and friends of both Kenya and Alonzo. However, the most intriguing side character who first appeared in Aja’s SMOKE N’ STROKE: Four20 Bae also makes an appearance in this story. Malcolm Jacobs, aka MJ, the owner of Blunt Minded Joint in Las Vegas, shows up again when Alonzo orders CBD-isolates (no traces of THC) from him for his sister’s day spa business. I’m telling you; MJ is a character who needs his own story!

The playlist for
TASTE THE SMOKE is smoking. I listened to it while reading the story. The Epilogue houses a great HEA for Alonzo and Kenya.

TASTE THE SMOKE: Four20 Bae is an entertaining read that creatively supports the Four20 Bae theme of this nine-book series. What’s Four20? Look it up. You’ll completely get it!  I recommend TASTE THE SMOKE for your reading pleasure.

18th April 2024 |