Review: Taming A Heartbreaker


The Westmoreland Legacy

Harlequin Special Edition


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Westmorelands, Outlaws, and Weddings! What a way to start a story! First, there is Sloan and Leslie’s Outlaw’s (WHAT HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS) wedding, and all the Westmorelands, Outlaws, and friends are present. We meet Leslie’s bestie, Carmen Golan, and Sloan’s college friend, Redford St. James, the heartbreaker. Carmen wastes no time in setting her sights on Redford, regardless of the warning from Leslie that he’s “not the marrying kind”. Not holding anything back, Carmen declares that Redford is the man she will marry.

The scene shifts to two years later, and there’s another wedding taking place. Jason Ravnell and Nadia Novak (
ONE STEAMY NIGHT) are tying the proverbial knot. Guess who’s present at this one? Yes, Carmen and Redford. This time, Redford decides to stop avoiding Carmen, and have an impersonal “one and done”. There’s no doubt that he is attracted to her, but that’s it. The Alaskan native will simply hit it and quit it; at least that’s the plan. A moonlight picnic will be the prelude for a one-night stand. Everything is going as planned until the plan takes a sharp turn. Redford had not counted on any deep feelings, or what amounted to earthshaking climaxes to take place. Carmen was “different”, and Redford didn’t do “different”.

After a night of unforgettable lovemaking, Carmen discovers sometime later that that night with Redford would be unforgettable in a major way. The story takes an unexpected turn, and Redford and Carmen recognize their lives will forever be changed. From this point on, the talented storyteller, Brenda Jackson, utilizes the “close proximity” trope to drive the storyline. It’s complicated, but in true Brenda Jackson style, Carmen and Redford will overcome their issues. No spoilers. I’ll allow you to discover how this couple works it out.

One of the highlights of the story is, of course, the presence of Westmorelands and Outlaws whom we have come to love. Bane and Crystal Westmoreland, (
BANE) are present with their two sets of triplets along with Maverick and Phire (THE OUTLAW’S CLAIM) and Bailey Westmoreland Rafferty and her husband Walker (BREAKING BAILEY’S RULES) to name a few. I just love it when there’s an occasion to catch up with these wonderful book families. The Epilogue for Carmen and Redford houses a wonderful HEA for our couple.

TAMING A HEARTBREAKER is an entertaining and engrossing story that follows the love journey of friends of the Westmorelands and Outlaws. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

19th May 2024 |