Review:  Talaya
TALAYA - A.C. Arthur

The Donovan Dynasty (Book #4)

Artistry Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: It’s been 10 months from the time Ridgely “Ridge” Donovan (RIDGE) and Talaya Richmond became involved. Both of them are in therapy to get help for their C-PTSD. In spite of everything, they have been through, this couple is resolved to hold on to their love as they heal from trauma. They need each other to survive. There is a saying that “Trouble don’t last always”. Well, fans, the Donovans are an exception to that saying. In this story, this resilient book family comes together again because “trouble” is definitely knocking again.

Ridge and Talaya are engaged, and trying to live their lives with some modicum of normalcy if you don’t count the 24-hour armed bodyguards, reinforced vehicles equipped with weapons, and a team of investigators at their disposal. So, what’s really going on? Talaya is receiving threatening cryptic text messages, and Ridge and the Donovans are being stalked and hunted by the Moonshine Boys, a 90-year-old Mafia organization. Every Donovan and their spouse are at risk. In this story, Talaya and Ridge are taking the brunt of the attacks on the family.

If there’s one thing that we know about the Donovan clan, it’s that, if one is in trouble, every Donovan is in trouble. They all come together in Talaya’s story from the 97-year-old grand matriarch of the family, Aunt Birdie to Suri, Ridge’s young sister. Adam, Brock, Linc, Trent, Roark, Dane, Cade, and their spouses, along with Pierce and Slay, are all present to show support and to bring closure to the danger that is relentlessly causing havoc. If those names don’t resonate with you, shame on you!

There are two takeaways from this story that can’t be ignored: #1. The Donovan Dynasty code:
No Fear. No Pause. No End. It’s not just words they recite. It’s a creed they live by. #2. Suri Donovan is up to something. Stay tuned.

I love the ending to
TALAYA. For her and Ridge, their union is solidified with two very sweet souls. No spoilers. You have to read the story. However, I highly recommend that you read RIDGE, first before you read TALAYA. Not only will it give you a thorough picture of Talaya and Ridge’s unorthodox relationship, but it will also serve as a smooth transition to Talaya’s story.

I am a fan of the
Donovans Series, the Donovan Friends, and the present continuing series, Donovan Dynasty Series. They are compelling and exciting stories that keep you turning pages. Talaya’s story is a page-turner, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

12th September 2023 |