Review: Sweeter Than Honey
Honey Hill (Book #2)
Montlake Romance
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Next in line to find love in the fictional town of Honey Hill, North Carolina is baker, Rylee Harris and top cop, Sheriff Canten Barnes. Their story is a delightful friends-to-lovers romance with some serious undertones.

I love this fictional town of Honey Hill where the creative author, Joy Avery, introduces us to some of the most hilarious, eclectic characters that proudly call Honey Hill home. The story opens with our heroine undergoing a procedure that you rarely read about in romance stories but is over-the-top hilarious. It gets the reader ready for some laugh-out-loud moments that are scattered through the story. Along with the humor, comes some emotional moments, and some sizzling hot romance. It’s a perfect mix that comes together to deliver a well-written story.

Almost everybody in Honey Hill recognizes the chemistry between Canten and Rylee. The friends, family and supporters are just waiting on them to “get it on”. However, it’s not that easy. Things become even more complicated when Canten and Rylee find themselves in a “fake relationship” scenario. Even though it ignites their pent-up feelings, there is still the past that holds our couple hostage from securing a future together. I’m not spilling any tea, fans. You’ll have to read the story to discover that proverbial cloud that is hanging over their heads. It’s heart wrenching and emotional. To counteract the serious moments, Ms Avery gives us moments like the scene where Canten is run down by a Power Wheel Jeep. I’ll just leave that right there.

There are many light moments, but none can top the wedding of  Lunden (the town’s mayor) and Quade, the protagonists from
Book #1, SOMETHING SO SWEET. My personal favorite scene involves Rylee and her bestie, Lunden, and home ovulation tests. I had a Lucy and Ethel flashback from the old I Love Lucy sit-com when I read that scene. Well done, Ms Joy! Rylee and Canten’s families, along with the colorful citizens of Honey Hill, either lend their support to our couple or cause them to cringe when they come around. In any case, they are unforgettable side characters that steer the storyline into a smooth HFN for Rylee and Canten.

is a tribute to the commendable storytelling talents of author Joy Avery. I recommend it for your reading pleasure. I hope we revisit Honey Hill again. It has become one of my favorite fictional small towns. Check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

26th June 2022 |